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    techpoida wrote:

    I understand the need for backups, hence why I'm trying to make a full one.  This I highlighted is not working, for some reason, using TM.

    The problem is two-fold. First, it's not that TM is working, it's you're using an ill-designed ext HD, the WD one. It's crapola, IMO. One WD doesn't support booting Macs with their ext HDs, though they might. The issue with TM is that unless you test its viability by restoring to another volume, you can't guarantee that it's work. Second, a bootable clone miitgates that obstruction by allowing instant verification by booting with it as soon as it's created. If it boots the machine and works like the original, then wiping the int HD, having Apple replace it for FREE, and then restoring the clone eliminates all of your worries. Your choice what you choose to do. I've done it the second way in April when the HD fatally died. Twenty minutes after replacement (onsite), the machine was up and running with my baseline boot installation. That's significantly faster than any TM restoration and was guaranteed to work.

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    Thanks baltwo.  I'll see how I go.  I like the idea of the verification and the fast restore and see your point about the crapola drive. Although I haven't had problems with them before and have restored files but not a 'full' restore.  Maybe it's possible that there is a compatibilty issue with the OS (Snow Leopard 10.6.8) and the drive capacity??


    As of right now I also realise that spotlight is continuously indexing.  I noticed it a few days ago and thought it would be finished.  It's not been a problem in the past.  I have a feeling the recall has come in the nick of time.  There's too many 'bad' things happening all of a sudden.......

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    Acetone. wrote:


    I too had issues with time machine not restoring my data correctly. What worked  for me was to boot the iMac from the install CD, then in the utility menu restore from time machine, that way gave me a full list of time machine backup dates to pick from. I went back a day or so and it worked perfectly.



    did hs really work COMPLETELY? This is my third try. Apple already removed previous issues post as a rant. BUT their techs are saying that thee are 3 ways to restore. First two have not worked for me. It all loos good... nothing runs. Genius" did #2, runs w/ correct OSX, but no settings, no printer PPDs, Font Fusion, Drop Box, Fetch... all screwed up and not running right. Have you found any problems at this point with this method?



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    I'm concerned about data security. If this is a replacement programme, and I can't get my old disk back, how do I know the data on it is secure? Anyone had an answer from Apple on this?

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    Have you read the posts? Wipe and zero out the data on the HD after making a bootable backup/clone. It's the only way to ensure data security. Apple has no reason to return the HD to you.

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    If you think about it Apple has much much much more to lose than you ever will. They are a huge multibillion dollar company, if they have one customer that loses valuable information due to their carelessness can you imagine the amount of bad press and huge lawsuits it would create.

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    I nipped in Store with a few queries before I even considered taking my iMac in for the replacement drive. I was told that I could not have my 'defective' drive back whether it was working or otherwise - that they have to be sent back to Seagate. I would hope it would be destroyed.

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    Of course it will be destroyed. You have to remember that Apple has much more to lose than you do. If they let just one drive (out of probably millions) out so it's compromised that opens them to a huge lawsuite, do you really think  they would risk that?

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    Ok, so it would appear the HDD was screwed (timely recall) and no amount of Time Machine OR third party apps were going to help!  Thank God (or whomever else comes first) that I didn't waste any more money.

    Thanks to the AppleCare people I found the only way to rescue anything was by making a fresh install of the OS on the external HDD and manually copying the contents across.

    Then I wiped the disc and sent the Mac to my local dealer for the recall.

    Reinstallation has been a bit painful because of the copy/paste but at least it's working now.  I also note I don't have the noise the HDD was making before.  This is the stomach rumbling sound, which I had read about when I originally purchased the Mac.

    Guess I'll be making a clone soon, though.......

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    Reporting that I had my seagate harddrive replaced yesterday at an authorized mac dealer and so far all is well. The whole job took one day—I had it back on my way home from work, and I had them upgrade the ram while it was open.

    My back-up is primarily a Time Machine back-up on an extrenal drive, but I also copied essential files onto a USB stick drive just in case. The whole back-up took about two hours and when it was done, for the most part everything was back and looking exactly as it had previously. There were a few issues with applications opening, but nothing serious and I'm back and working with it no problem the next morning.

    Still, kind of an annoying hassle, but glad that it's done and for me without a hitch.

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    Hi all,


    It seems like so much has time since I started this post.  I finally had my HDD swapped out yesterday - same day as TempleOfDoom.  I made a bootable clone using CCC and also did a full TM backup.  I then did a 7-pass sweep to zero out all my data.  I took it to the store, they swapped out the drives, and Apple used the TM to restore.


    The kicker is is that they reinstalled the OS and then restored my files.  They did not restore the OS and system files and my files simultaneously.  Consequently, all of my Fortran codes weren't executable.  They existed on the drive but I couldn't execute them.  I then restored from the clone and about an hour later was up and running.


    I highly recommend that everyone makes a clone of their drive before sending it in.  I know a few people that have had issues with "under-the-hood" items not being restored from TM.  All the Application preferences, etc. were not transferred with the TM backup.  However, when I restored from the clone, all was well.


    So make sure you clone your drive!

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