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It appears that iCloud sees Regina Canada as Central Time.  It is central time, but Saskatchewan does not change their clock for Daylight Savings time.  Consequently, when using iCloud with iPad and iPhone, the iCloud calendar in Outlook changes the time to an hour later for appointments and shows "central timezone".  How can I get around this?

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    I have been struggling with this for months has there been a solution this is getting frustrating

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    You could intentionally set an incorrect time zone in your account to correct for the error.  You set the time zone by going to icloud.com from your computer, clicking on your name at the top, then choosing your time zone.

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    You cannot really be serious?!! Intentiopnally set an incorrect time zone??  Why is is to hard for Apple to correct the issue???  I refuse to "work around" the problem by intenionally setting an incorrect time zone in my account - I would have to do that twice a year and reschedule my appointments as a result.  It is driving me crazy