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I found this site selling MacVCD X For Mac OS X because I was looking for a VCD pplyer
as I want to play my VCDs and Quick Time won't play them.



So I tried their 5 minute Free Trial thingy and it played one of my VCDs that Quick Time can't play at all.


But when the 5 minutes was up it forced me to quit and when I did, EVERY SINGLE ICON DISAPPEARED

FROM MY DESKTOP including Mackintosh HD!!!!


I was freaked out thinking they planted a virus or something so I quickly switched my emac off at the wall socket.


When I restarted it everything was back to normal and it seems no different than before now.


But of course now I'm worried that site may be some sort of malware, spyware, virus or key logger

because of what happened when they wiped my icons off my desktop.


Against that, they played my VCD pretty good, so .........


Does anyone have experience of this product?


Is it safe to buy and install it?


Why did it wipe my icons off my desktop?


Thanks if you can help.

emac, Mac OS X (10.5.1)