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So, apparently this is just the way it is.. but why? Why can we not upload files thru Finder via FTP?


Is there any chance of Finder getting support for this eventually..? It seems like a fairly basic function.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    It is possible to connect to FTP servers using the Finder. Try the following -


    1. In the Finder go to the Go menu and select Connect to Server...
    2. In the resulting dialog type ftp://yourusername@yourftpserver and click Connect.
    3. A typical ftp server will ask for a password, enter it.
    4. You should end up with a finder window showing the contents of the ftp server. You may then get files or put files by dragging.


    There are other options of course. I like Fetch because of the easy to use graphical interface. If you prefer a text interface more or less like the old DOS (or UNIX) prompt you can go to the Terminal application (located in /Applications/Utilities) and type ftp (or sftp for secure transmission) at the prompt.


    Best of luck.

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    The Finder's FTP interface has always been read-only. No uploads allowed. It is Apple's way of discouraging the use of FTP. Only SFTP (or something even more modern) should be used.

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    FTP + SSL (ftps) is also supported (though apparently still read-only), and should be no means be excluded as a viable secure transfer protocol. This is not to be confused with SFTP, a sub-protocol of SSH (Secure SHell). Both use the same underlying encryption methodology, presented in different protocol stacks. Still, not sure why ftps://.../ is read-only.

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    Most ridiculous. I cannot imagine it is for any other reason than to promote a free market. If I continue typing it will result in nothing more than a verbose rant which will ultimately conclude with the response I have already read. http://support.apple.com/kb/ta21175.

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    Classic Mac OS

    Terminal offers command line sftp or ftp.

    Fugu, Nifty Telnet, Rbrowser,  Cyberduck, and Transmit are all GUI options for the Mac.