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I have sold my old iphone 4 and now have a 5, the person I sold the phone to keeps going on about me deregistering the iphone 4 with apple so they can register as its owner, how do i do this??


Thanks in advance



iPhone 4, iOS 6
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    On this forum click on your stuff and go to your profile and edit the devices you have registered here

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    Removing an associated device or computer from an Apple ID

    To remove a device or computer from your Apple ID:

    1. Open iTunes.
    2. Sign in to your Apple ID by choosing Store > Sign In from the iTunes menu.
    3. Choose Store > View My Account from the iTunes menu.
    4. From the Account Information screen, click Manage Devices.
    5. Click the Remove button next to the device name you would like to unassociate.
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    I have the same problem. Apparently the itunes doesn't have MANAGE DEVICES

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    Unfortunately, the Account Information Screen appears not to have a 'Manage Devices' button so it is not possible to follow your advice !

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    It's not a button, scroll down to itunes in the cloud and on the right hand side of the section that is titled "manage devices" there is a blue highlighted hyperlink "manage devices >" Clicking on this link will take you to all your registered devices with a [remove] button next to each.

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    Can you please explain what you mean by "scroll down to itunes in the cloud".


    Many thanks.


    D J Hales

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    hi DJ

    Open itunes

    On the top left of the screen you will see menu choices [file edit view controls store help]

    click on store and from the submenu choose "view account (your account name)"

    You will be asked for your username and password, enter these and click on [view account] button

    Your account page will now open (account information)

    On this page, there are several sections for different information categories

    the top section is "Apple ID Summary"

    the next down is "Itunes in the cloud" (this is the section you are interested in)

    In this section there are two subsections, Manage devices and Itunes Match.

    to the right of the subsection (Manage devices) there is a hyperlink "Manage devices >"

    Click on this hyperlink and you will be taken to the Manage devices page where all your registered devices are listed. To the right of each device is a [Remove] button.

    click on the remove button next to the device you wish to de-register and it will be unasociated with your apple ID

    Hope this is clear



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    Hi stylo9

    Many thanks for your clear explanation.

    Unfortunately, when I open my account information there is only one subsection under 'iTunes in the cloud' and that is 'iTunes Match'. There is no subsection entitled 'Manage Devices'.


    D J Hales

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    Hi DJ

    In this case it looks like you haven't associated any device with your itunes user name, if this is the case then you need to tell the guy who purchased your iphone and he should delete all your info from the phone by going to settings and delete all data.



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    Hi stylo9

    Very strange , because I currently have an iPhone 4S associated with my iTunes account.

    Many thanks for your helpful replies.



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    I have same problem and i now have a samsung which will not let people with an iphone text me until i de register but i cannot find that option either

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    People! People! PEople. Stop being naive. First thing, u guys might have gone to the app store in order to manage the device! which is a dumb way of following the instruction. Actually if you go the itunes and sign in, you will definitely see a small hyperlink saying manage devices on the right side of "itunes in the Cloud." You can deregister any device that is associated with your apple account in there. Good luck