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Does anyone know where I can find an adapter for this old display to plug into a new mac book pro?

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    Do you mean "A1038" because I can't find an A1938."


    If it's really an A1038 it has only the abortive Apple Display Connection (ADC). That requires a special adaptor that is now so expensive you can buy two decent new monitors for the price of the adaptor which, being rare, out of production, and basically abaondoned technology, is not getting any cheaper:


    ADC Adaptor on Amazon


    The problem is that the ADC monitors, in addition to getting a video signal through the cable, also must get power and USB through it from the computer's video port. For an ADC monitor to work on a computer lacking an ADC port, like all MacBook Pros, the adaptor must includes a power supply, thus jacking up the price.


    If you have a older Mac computer with only an ADC video port and want to run a modern monitor, the adaptors are cheap. However, you have the opposite--running an old monitor from a new Mac--and get hit with the pricey adaptor.


    You may wish to ask in this forum:


    Older Displays & Monitors


    to see if anyone has a better workabout but I've not seen any.