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I've been using iPhone Configuration Utility to create and upload profiles for an iPhone 4S.  It hasn't been updated to support iOS 6, though the Windows equivalent has.  I'm assuming that the reason for this is that Apple Configurator now assumes all the same functions of iPhone Configuration Utility.  Can someone then confirm for me that, as far as creating profiles and uploading them to attached devices goes, Apple Configurator is just the same as iPhone Configuration Utility, only with support for the new features in iOS 6?

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    The feature sets are different, but both tools have a built-in configuration profile editor and can be used to install configuration profiles on connected iOS devices. The profile creation process is pretty similar, but there is a major difference in installing profiles on devices. iPCU allows you to modify only one device at a time, while Configurator allows you to configure lots of devices simultaneously.

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    Hi Todd,


    sorry for not responding sooner.  I don't suppose you'd fancy walking me through the process of adding a new profile using Configurator?  Let's assume just one iPhone 4S with no profiles currently installed, with the aim being: to install a profile (previously prepared in Configurator) adding a new calendar syncing service; and to make no other changes whatsoever.


    Also, would you be able to sum up the ramifications of using Supervised mode?  There are some Restrictions in Profiles that seem to only apply when supervision is turned on, but it seems Supervision does more than simply make them available.


    Thanking you in advance.