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Hi, I hope you can help.

I'll be referring to two different disks:

A HDD sitting in a optibay, which i'm currently running OSX Lion from, and

A fresh SSD in the mainbay.


1. SSD failed one day, so I got a new one.

2. New SSD didn't show up, so I switched SATA-cable out.

3. SSD showed up.

4. Erased to mac os journaled, reinstalled Snow Leopard from disk.

5. Did System update, and tried to install Mountain Lion.

6. ML gave message: "Can't install, error with SSD, can't repair"-ish.

7. Booted me back into HDD, now with a new system language??

8. Reformatted SSD. (Didn't partition)

9. Installed new Snow Leopard.

10. Installation completed, but on reboot i get the crossed out circle.


What could possible be wrong?


MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)