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Last night I was trying to clear out any non icloud versions of songs I had in my itunes library, and when I hit delete, without hitting anything else, it deleted all of my icloud (itunes match) music stored in the cloud. 


Usually, it asks if I want to also delete from the cloud and I never click on that button.  This time it didn't even ask for this.


My question is, is there any way to restore the itunes match music that I lost, being that there were 4848 songs in my cloud library.



itunes match, iOS 6
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    Hi mate,

    Just had the same issue.


    All fixed now : )


    I am assuming that we have had the same problem.. Accidently deledting music from iCloud?


    Go to 'iTunes Store',' Account',

    Under 'iTunes in the Cloud' (section) there should be something about hidden songs or purchases.

    Go in there and select the purchases to  'un hide'.


    Then go to 'iTunes Store',' Purchases'- They should be available for download : )