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Hi all,


i've just ordered a new iPad 3 for my sons Christmas present (don't tell him!! ) and wondered if he is still going to be able to use his iTouch on his Windows based Laptop as well as the iPad?


I know that if you plug in a different iPhone or iTouch into a PC/Mac, iTunes recognises it as a new or different peice of hardware and prompts to add it as a new item. Does this mean that after he's plugged in and synced his iTouch, when he plugs in his iPad he will have to deleted and add all the music, etc to it - then when he plugs in the iTouch this will have to happen again and so on??


I'm hoping that an iPad has a different way this is done which will allow him to have all his music, games, etc on both and iTunes not worry about which one is being synced?

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