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Some virus/trojan/malware is sending me email using names from my address book but with email addresses that are not their correct addresses. Most of these simply have links in them which I do not open. How can I clean out my system so I get rid of this? Is this a Trojan or malware? Do I need to take different steps to address each issue?


I read in Apple Support Communities to NOT install Norton Anti-virus but it is already on my iMac. When I downloaded documents from my old PC in June 2011 did I inadvertently install Norton? How can I get rid of it? Will I need to wipe the hard drive? Does having it compromise my system?

iMac, OS X Server, Intel Core i5
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    Your mail  has probably been hacked. Very unlikely it's malware infecting your computer. Change the mail password ASAP.






    Uninstall Norton

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    There are no viruses for OS X however there is some malware. I'd recommend carefully reading Thomas Reed Malware Guide for more information. You are correct about Norton and as a general rule it is not wise to run AV applications on your Mac as they tend to create more problems than they solve.


    Your problem is probably due to you using the same password for your email as other applciaitons. I'd recommend immediately changing your password(s) to something more cryptic such as "Ktt87&^b" which would be very difficult to figure out.


    Bottom line really is the best thing you can do to protect your Mac from Malware is to run Software Update very frequently.

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    It could be that a phishing scam got a hold of your contacts email addresses via facebook or some other social site means.  Sometimes these scams can go through facebook and myspace.  It does not necessarily mean you have a virus on your mac. I would contact the friends that your receiving them from and see if they are experiencing the same thing.