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I have just starting using Aperture 3, following Scoppettuolo's manual. I imported a few photos, created a project and added these photos to this new project. Due to an inadvertent key stroke all the photos in the project disappeared. They still show up in the project where it is listed under "Recent" in the Library inspector and also under "Last Import" but do not show up under the project listing under the "Projects" heading. They are not in the trash. When I "mouse over" the project name it indicates the number of pics assigned to that project although the browser window is blank. Where are they and how do I "reinstate" them in the project?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    First thing:  make sure you have no filter set:




    Filters are "sticky" -- they remain in place for every container until you remove them.  Note that the default filter -- "Unrated or better" -- excludes some Images that are in the container.


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    You may have accidentally typed a "9". This will reject images, and they are not displayed, if the searchfield in the Browser is set to the default "unrated or better" . Change this to "Show all" by clicking on the looking glass in the search field.

    You can also view your rejected image in the "Rejected" album in the "Recent" section of the library.


    To unreject the images change the rating to a different value.



    Added: I see, Kirby alread solved it!

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    Thank you. By changing "match" to "do not match" my problem was solved.