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  • romad Level 3 (605 points)

    Just $130; the same difference since the original iPad.

  • G3gator Level 3 (570 points)

    You feel burned? Does your old iPad no longer function as it did when you bought it?

  • livigator Level 1 (0 points)

    When will the Ipad 4 be available at Walmart?  We bought an Ipad 3 three days ago from Walmart and I do not know if we kept the receipt.  If not, I believe we can get store credit, but I don't want to return it if we will have to wait forever for the new Ipad to reach the store.  Anyone know?

  • shadooby Level 1 (0 points)

    Ditto on burned feeling. I'm torqued.


    The problem with the "what you bought still works" excuse is that Apple develops applications and accessories for the leading edge product line. That is where the innovation and development will be directed to best showcase it's prowess, especially with technology differences (dock, wifi, processor, etc.) from the past. The iPad3 is no longer that target, AND the fact that its individual specs and features are not even being sold anymore means those unique technical limitations will be addressed later, rather than sooner.


    To sum it up, new advances will work better and be tailored for the iPad 4, and not the "best selling iPad ever" just 6 months later. Bad business, IMHO.


    I'm not stupid. Do I think Apple was holding out? No. Did I expect them to wait to release the new tech because many would be ******? No. BUT ... the right thing to do is make official concessions ($100 iTunes, etc.) when a product is made obsolete that fast.

  • Thatchcote Level 3 (610 points)

    A valid reply as to iOS 6 not being available to iPad 1, but not to iPad 3.  It was not just upgraded, it was discontinued!  And iPad 2 is still available.  What's up?  If it were merely a step-up in time from the previous yearly upgrade, then it would still be available.

    I just think Apple owes up an explanation.

    These devices do have a shorter life-span than a computer, but never before was it 6 months and then GONE!

  • DarkHuntress Level 1 (10 points)

    You are missing the point. I have the original ipad and it works fine but its obsolete. It's done. No more update and no more support but it works fine. Fast forward, I have three ipad 3's. They are only six months old. Now they too have been upstaged by the new new ipad. I expect models to change but not this fast! Does that now mean that Apple has shorten product life to six months,perhaps three?


    No I'm afraid that Apple burned me this time. I was expecting the new mini, which by the way does the SAME thing as my ipad 3s except its cheaper....but to replace the ipad 3  so soon ..... I am really disappointed and feeling, as another poster said, anti- Apple at the moment.

  • romad Level 3 (605 points)

    Actually the iPad Mini uses the same components as the iPad 2, so it is not the same as the iPad 3

  • Hondac95 Level 1 (0 points)

    Not happy with Apple after pulling this stunt - 7 months and a new Ipad? Really Apple? , ******* off your loyal fans this way?


    I am very dissapointed! looks like no more Apple devices for me.

  • Confused gf Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple what have you done! Second time you've burned me, but this is the worst! Bought new iPad on first weekend now a discontinued model! Come on. I know it's still a great device, like all my apple products but now my"new" iPad won't be fully supported by developers, or even by apple I guess, and that is not a great experience!!


    I understand products move on, but not this quickly. This is all about the lightning connector and making that an apple standard, for some reason apple didn't ship it with this iPad but did on the iPhone. Now to make all 3rd party products connect in the same way iPad owners get dumped! Thanks Tim


    As a long standing supporter of apple I for one feel really let down by a company that is supposed to be all about the user experience! Mine has just declined into a feeling of resentment. And I would like an answer from apple

  • Sergio Level 1 (5 points)

    I ordered The obsolete 'New' iPad for my nephew just two days ago. And I will receive it tomorrow.

    Gues what I will do tomorrow? Yep! I'll not pay for that crap! Why? Because this product disappeared even from main site!

    What iPads we can compare at the site now? iPad2 and The Super New iPad (iPad with Retina).

    iPad3 disappeared like it never existed. Yesterday it was the best iPad ever. Today it's gone.


    First we met the meaningless iOS6 with worthles Apple Maps, now this surprise...

    I have only one question to Apple: Who you think you are to fool your customers this way?

    If this goes on, I will move to Android!

    Because, the current behavior of the company violates the basic principles of Steve, and Apple itself!

    What a shame!

  • romad Level 3 (605 points)

    The iPad 3 is the same as the iPad 4 with only 2 differences: the Lightning connector replaced the 30-pin connector, and an updated processor. Apps developed for iOS 6 will work on the iPad 3.

  • romad Level 3 (605 points)

    Just return the iPad 3 (you have 14 days) and get an iPad 4; the prices stayed the same.


    The iPad 4 is the same as the iPad 3 with only 2 major differences: the Lightning connector replaced the 30-pin connector, and an updated processor.

  • Thatchcote Level 3 (610 points)

    ...and faster wifi.  It's not enough to make me get up in the middle of the night and order it, but that's really not the point.

  • romad Level 3 (605 points)

    No, my iPad 3 WiFi is 802.11n, just like the iPad 4.


  • Joe Siegler Level 1 (10 points)

    I have an iPad 3, and this doesn't make me feel any worse than before.


    It's not like my iPad 3 functions any worse now than it did before the press conference.


    The iPad 4 inmprovements exist, yes - but are fairly small when compared to the iPad 3.


    Everything is made obsolete.  Perhaps not as fast here, but it's not like the iPad 3 is now some crap tablet or something.  Get a grip.

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