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I have recently got a Powerbook G4 15 inch, A1106 1.5 Ghz.


The problem i have is that it boots up as far the blue screen and no amount of waiting helps,

I have tried apple jack and boot from dick to check hd etc, reset pram etc. reinstalled osx


It dose how ever boot in safe mode no problem and can b used with no problem in safe mode.


no because login items cant be the problem becasue it is a clean install, I was hoping it was firmware but i dont think there is firm ware

to update on this powerbook? i dont know much about firm ware etc.


the only idea i have so far is that in safe mode the airport card and sound do not operate, I cant even them in system profiler

and so i booted from the install disk and i still cant see any info about the airport card.  dose this mean there is a good chance it

is the airport car making the problem or is it normal to not hav airport card in the system profiler in safe mode and when booted off the disk?


Please let me know if you have any ideas before i try take the hole thing apart for no reason.

ps this is the model with out the handy airport card slot in the battery bay.


Thanks for your time guys.



PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11), powerbook g4 15 inch, A1106