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Using Lion Server 10.7.4


When using workgroup manager I can't select a group or a users, as soon as I select one it disapear from the list, I do another search and the group is there but i can't select it, tried to select with keys still not working it disapear.  I'm authentified on the AD server with the rights to change account but I can't do nothing since i can't select.  I'm trying to set a home folder through AFP on my mac server so the user can have their pref saved on a server instead of locally.

Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Have had exactly the same problem on mountain lion while trying to bind to Windows 2008 R2.  Could update users fine, but groups disappeared as soon as they were selected.  Haven't got a clue what caused this and was tearing my hair out, but a reboot solved the problem.  Can now select everything.