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    So it should be some specific problem with this model, but is definetely not hw related because everything is working ok after i turned filevalut off

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    Sorry but I desagree with you, I don't know how much you know about sleep mode, because if you put your macbook to sleep , harddrive inside will stop rotating, and it will park reading head too. So if you turn off macbook or if you put it to sleep mode, for your hardrive is stressful in same way. And if there is some problem in harddrive it must show up during using my macbook but everything works perfectly, only filevalut didn't work. But when I copy large amount of data to hdd or away to some external hard drive everythink is working.

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    I don't agree with you that it's definitely not hardware related. Beyond that, I have nothing to add.

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    Resuming after waking does not cause any additional hard drive activity. Rebooting requires loading the operating system from disk and possibly repairing it.


    You've said you have a 3 year-old notebook with hard drive problems. That is a classic case of needing a new hard drive.

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    ok, thanks for opinion, i will stay without filevalut for a few weeks and I will see if some other problems apear.

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    ok I don't want to argue about this, I think if it's some kind of hard drive failing, it must show up without filevalut too. I use few virtual machines, truecrypted partition, and everythink works fine. I had problem only when I turned on filevalut. So could you sugest some test to proof your theory ?

    Lot of my friends have notebooks and I never so someone to have problem with hdd after only 3 years (maybe after 5-6 years shoud be ok but that's time to change macbook not only hdd ) of using. And they use it in similar way as I do.

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    Thanks for posting your problem.


    I can confirm that I have a similar problem on a MacBook Air (Late 2010) with 256GB SSD, Mountain Lion 10.8.2 and Filevault 2. It generates an occasional kernel panic after entering the password at the FileVault login prompt. Turning off Filevault resolves the issue.


    This MBA has been examined by Apple Store genius advisors, the logic board was replaced, disk erased and new System installed. I can confirm that the problem has continued since.


    The Mac is still covered under AppleCare, and today I talked with an AppleCare Senior Advisor in the UK about the case. He has seen this forum thread and another thread on which I posted:



    He has asked me to replicate the kernel panic and use an Apple data capture program to capture additional information about the crash. The data will be forwarded to engineers. I have just turned FV back on and will do this as soon as I can.


    The advisor acknowledged that a number of users appear to be affected, and was keen to resolve the problem for us.


    I will update you guys when I hear back from Apple.

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    Thank you very much, finally really helpful answer. I was convinced that my hard drive is OK, so you proved that it is only bug in mountain lion. Please let as know, when solved. If will be possible I will sent to apple some report too but I can't find this app.

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