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    Well,it is is woking somewhat but not great. I just bought the PS5 less then two years ago for over $700.00. I would expect it to be able to work for many more years than that, expecially when the PS6 version is about the same features. I am not about to downgrade to elements after spending tons of money for PS5. I have all the elements up to version 8.


    Ok, this new camera is turning into a money pit. I bought the D600 Nikon, then my Apple Snow Leopard Operation System would not support (let me download raw files) my Raw files, so then I had to upgrade to the new Operating System on the Mac, the Mountain Lion. Now my Photoshop 5 will not work on the new Operating System so I have to upgrade to PS6.


    It is discouraging that we have to keep upgrading when the upgraded versions are hardly any different than the current version. I see little difference in the operating systems except for the fact they don't support current programs and software.

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    Cindy I totally simapatize with you. I don't like Apple policy and I do stick to Snow Leopard the last solid software Apple ever did.

    Unfortunately there is no way SL will show you your work with the Finder or Preview, still there are some options left:

    Download the latest Adobe Camera Raw updater and you will be able to see everything in the Bridge option. If needed for other purpose you can create an action to convert Raw to Tiff and Snow Leopard will be still useful to you.


    I know this is a late reply but as I bought the D600 (great machine) today only and faced the same problems you have this is what I did and I hope it may help you


    Regards from Italy, and pls do not listen to the ones ready to sell their soul to everything new. New does no longer mean "better". it opnly means more money for certain manufacturers, which is not OK computers are no longer "additional tools" and companies should invest time and energy without leaving their users behind. About 40% Apple users still has Snow Leopard, but as it seems to me Apple is only interested in I phones, Ipad, AppleStores and Icloud




    I hope this will be posted, as Americans do not like being criticized and this is democratically unacceptable.

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    PS5 will continue to work, just not with the newer Mac systems. 




    Apple can't be help accountable for Adobe's software not being comaptible with it.  It was a concious Adobe decision to not continue support of older Photoshop versions with newer Mac operations systems. I wouldn't be surprised if PS5 wasn't compatible with the newer
    Windows system.



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