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When syncing my iPod Touch (2nd generation) with my iMac (under Mountain Lion) the entries in my diaries/agendas do not sync. Apps and music sync without a problem. What must I do?

iPod touch (2nd generation), iOS 4.2
Solved by bat54 on Nov 4, 2012 1:46 PM Solved

I have this problem.. and after spending time at the Genius Bar yesterday, I discovered that my old ipod touch is obsolete..( the Ipod touch is a 32.bit system, while the newer operating system is 64... so they're simply not compatible.)

I expressed great dismay that my perfectly good ipod touch was now obsolete...  then the genius suggested I export my contacts and calendars to Google..

That was easy to do, and then, on the Google community forum i learned about nuevasync.com, which lets you synch all of this back to your ipod touch via Exchange.


WOrked like a charm.

Nuevasync. com is free for an initial trial (10 days?) and then costs only 15$ per YEAR.. so I'll use this as a good work-around

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