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Will Time Capsule backup Programs?

Mac OS X (10.7.5), Time Machine
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    Which "Programs"?.  Do you mean "Applications"?

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    I mean Programs....such as Word, Quickbooks, Excel, Illustrator, etc...

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    Are we talking about Mac Applications, or Windows programs here?


    If the "program" is in the Mac's Applications Folder, Time Machine will back it up to the Time Capsule.  The Time Capsule is hard drive.  Time Machine is software that backs up the contents of a Mac to the Time Capsule hard drive.

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    Great!  That answers one question.  Some of the "programs" are Mac and some are Windows but they are all in the Applications folder on my computer so I guess it will back them up.


    Next question...I'm asking this because Apple is giving me a new hard drive because they have determined that my Seagate HD may have some issues so mine is being included in a voluntary fix.  I am performing a full backup and hope (and assume) that once I get the new HD installed, I will just be able to update my computer form the backup on the external HD and that my computer will be back to normal.  Is that right? OR, am I also going to have to reinstall all those programs on my new HD?

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    Once you have the Mac copied over to the Time Capsule using Time Machine, you can restore the entire Mac back to the new hard drive.




    See #14, #15, #19


    If it were me, I would have the shop backup the Mac and then move that backup over to the new hard drive.  Much, much easier to let the pros do it.