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  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,600 points)

    I agree with you, and would add that, IMO, Apple's policy is a puzzling marketing flaw: you make money by giving the consumer what he wants, not by insisting that something else is better when in fact it can be seriously inconvenient.


    Removing the internal Superdrive partly for reasons of design is one thing, withdrawing iDVD (and cancelling its licensing) is quite another. That may make video hobbyists turn to Windows.

  • ajophoto Level 1 (0 points)

    I had not seen the news about iDVD. I hope that Mountain Goat (or whatever the OS i called now) will be able to run DVD Studio Pro or that will be a real mess.


    Unfortunately the fashion in software development these days seems to be to create the barebones and then allow lots of little mini-developers create the plugins that actually add the functionality that the app needs to work. See FCPX or something like Rapidweaver. If Apple is now starting to strip functionality out of its operating system software, then this is a real worry. Can you burn DVDs direct from Mountain Goat (or from the new version of iTunes for example) or do we need to buy Toast or some such to do this now? Are we sacrificing brains for looks here? Are we really that shallow? I suspect he answer is 'yes' depressing.



  • seventy one Level 6 (12,675 points)

    Mountain Goat !  

  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,600 points)

    Obviously an entirely accidental typo or memory lapse!

  • ajophoto Level 1 (0 points)

    Just trying to lighten the load chums!


    Perhaps the next OS should be "Scottish Wild Cat"? Or "Beast of Bodmin Moor"?

  • seventy one Level 6 (12,675 points)

    Beginning to sound suspiciously like a memory lapse.  Do explain.

  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,600 points)

    How about ***** Galore?

  • ajophoto Level 1 (0 points)

    Lion of Longleat

  • seventy one Level 6 (12,675 points)

    ***** !   


    A touch sensitive that one.  How about pu55y

  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,600 points)

    Ah! The Land of Free Speech strikes again!


    May I remind the Hosts that P u  s s y Galore was a character in Goldfinger, a James Bond Movie deemed suitable for children over 12.

  • Ian R. Brown Level 6 (18,585 points)

    I have installed iDVD on Mountain Lion.


    A warning message came up but I just ignored it and went ahead.


    I couldn't download the extra templates  but I had them already and in any case you can still download them if you also have SL or earlier.

  • britny Level 1 (125 points)

    i don't use idvd or final cut pro but my question is this. is there anything to keep anyone from buying, let's say, a three year old computer and an older version of ilife and using it?

  • babowa Level 7 (29,125 points)

    I just purchased a mid 2010 top of the line refurbished 27" 2.93 GHz iMac earlier this year. It can run Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Goat, and iLife (any retail version I have: 08, 09, 11). And Appleworks (or other PPC apps) in the SL partition.


    So, I'm good through early 2015 (with Applecare plan).

  • Ziatron Level 4 (3,820 points)

    That may make video hobbyists turn to Windows.


    I have been noticing this exact trend.  I have been using Macintosh since its introduction (and the Apple II prior to that).


    I've had several friends and associates switch from Macintosh to Windows because they perceive that Apple is at war with the DVD. 


    I have also watched Apple shares go from over $700, to $512 as optical drives are removed from there computers. Clearly, this price decline is for many reasons.  But the only reason cited by the switchers to Windows that I know of is the removal of iDVD, and no optical drive.

  • pipogoro Level 1 (0 points)

    I bet all of those lion systems come with a dvd drive!!!!Ja!!!! I keep seeing many things like buy an old system, you don’t really need a DVD or even worse I don’t need DVD anymore….

    The needs of some it’s not by all means the needs of all. That works both ways around. I think the intolerance is what makes this thread go from funny to very real or somehow menacing…

    I can’t stress enough that I think Apple is great and what it has done over the years have been amazing. That it’s not a struggling company anymore, is a major company with other major companies as partners. That being from apple or windows it’s not an issue anymore. For me Apple won!!!! Apple is recognized as better than windows from all times windows fans, whether they do it in public or crying on their pillows at night!!! Ja!!!

    But I don’t think people or Apple itself understand that the iMac has become a major asset for videographers/photographers. I think that a 27” iMac it’s not just for checking mail or the common user, we have the iPad/iPod/IPhone for that. Nowadays it’s a monster of a machine that it’s supposed to be like and old Mac Pro. But it still lacks of the needs of professional users. Little count of USB, no DVD and no retina display or even better no 4k display, that for us it’s just around the corner. When you buy a new computer, specially for working, you tend to buy the latest so that you don’t need to upgrade your system for a long time or for having time enough to recover the money by it’s use.

    As for it’s fusion drive I would have gone with all fixed flash duplicating the mac book pro retina flash memory to 1.4 TB. Cause when you work with large files you always end up with RAID solutions… And extra back up storage…

    But imagine an actual thinner iMac, no DVD drive, 1.4TB…. It would scare people of!!!!

    I think that if technology it’s not around to keep everyone happy you should wait for better times as a manufacturer… They waited long time for iPod, iPad, and many more. But when it comes out you never check what’s wrong but what’s right!!!! It happened with the iPhone!!! Wasn’t strange to anyone that there where many mobile phones with an extra facing camera or flash to take pictures or torch for filming…. Nobody cared for it  or for it’s battery issue because it was a sensational achievement!!!!

    When sensational comes it sells by itself and there’s no complaint. When it doesn’t even the color of the thing upsets you!!!!


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