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  • blue5ft3 Level 1 (25 points)

    The Fusion drive is very sweet. This machine is so fast. I don't have one complaint. The screen is very nice. It does look like the apps or pictures are on top of the screen. Whatever, read the tech specs, and what they said the machine will do, it does. The Super Drive sitting in a cubbyhole in my desk is not a big deal to pull out and plug in, it takes 3 seconds. I purchased a USB 3.0 Port hub with 8 ports and a card reader in it which only takes one USB slot, and it sits under the new iMac. It was not expensive. That was my choice. I add one to every computer that we have, Windows also. It makes sense.

  • Poikkeus Level 4 (2,785 points)

    Very nice post, suggesting that the new iMac may be, for some, a notable improvement in several ways. For example, using a hybrid drive reduces the heat that would otherwise build up in such a thin architecture. I plan to stay with my 2009 iMac for some time, but an upgrade seems quite appealing.

  • blue5ft3 Level 1 (25 points)

    Thanks! A nice post from you also! Yes it's a remarkable improvement. I receive the first model to test before we upgrade the Macs in our business, but to be honest with you I am thinking that I'll just keep this one at home for myself. My last new Mac at home is also a 2009 model. 


    They did redesign the fans.  This iMac, for being the 27 inch model with the 3TB fusion drive, is remarkably cool. I was honestly surprised. The last Macs we purchased are just a year old, the 2011 models and they operate fine, but definitely hotter than this iMac. We need to update some of the older Macs and PCs are being replaced with Macs.

    It's handled very intensive graphics work, games, and I've tried to see how well it handled a heavy work load. There are no problems that I can see and it's so faasssst which is my favorite part.  The wi-fi connection and bluetooth also seem to be greatly improved as far as performance goes. All of the built in apps and functions seem to work better, smoother? than they did on the previous iMac also, and there was nothing to complain about there. I was lucky enough to get this to test for our business, but as I said, I think it might end up being mine. The longer I use it the more I tested it to see if it's what we want at work right? lol We do pay for it after all. Thanks.

  • zBernie2 Level 1 (0 points)

    Not cool?  What are you, 12?  I've already stated I will NOT purchase the new iMac, at least in it's current dysfunctional state.  The idea here is to let Apple know there are MANY people who share the same opinion about the new iMac, in the hopes that apple might see the need to rectify these, what many consider to be defeciencies.


    You should go back and read this thread from the beginning, before Csound1 and his coohorts diiluted it.  I've also posted similar messages in various Mac forums, and the majority of people agree with me.

  • zBernie2 Level 1 (0 points)

    What makes sense is to place SD card slots and some readily available USB ports in a convenient location.

  • Jeff Nitschke Level 4 (2,655 points)

    What is your purpose here if you have already mentioned that you have no plans to buy a new iMac?


    Are you here to scare away potential new to Apple buyer's?

  • zBernie2 Level 1 (0 points)

    My purpose is to point out what I belive are defeciencies in the new iMac, in the hopes that apple will rectify those deficiencies, and do things like every other manufacturer does and offer SD slots and some redily available USB ports in a convenient location.  I have left apple feedback to that effect.


    Myself and MANY others have expressed their discontent with the new iMac.  Hopefully apple will get the message.

  • Jeff Nitschke Level 4 (2,655 points)

    As other's have mentioned & maybe you were ignoring is where you can voice your concerns to Apple & give feed back to Apple on what features you would like to see in a new iMac that you might conceder purchasing.



    At this point the "drivel" seems to be just coming from yourself.

  • animist08 Level 1 (25 points)

    The MacPro is likely to get a refresh because its been a long time between MAJOR refreshes. The last refresh was disappointing for Pro users and Apple has acknowledged this. I think maybe around Apr/June2013 we'll see some news. I'd only buy a MacPro if I needed a huge amount of power and customization for commercial video/Photo/audio work. Out of curiosity I decided to mock-customize the Mac from **** on the Apple Store. 64Gb of RAM big screen, multiple SSD's etc. Cost: $20,000.  For the home user the iMac will do just nicely.

  • Jeff Nitschke Level 4 (2,655 points)

    I like the accessibility of the internal bits of the Mac Pro.

  • pipogoro Level 1 (0 points)

    Mac pro is impossible in it’s price range. You have to be in the big business to get one, even today. As many others I’m intrigued by the idea of what it will be like. So far I have to cope with the idea of spending big bucks in an iMac that is a consumer product and not what it had become a prosumer product. Although it’s a great machine and it will save me time on render and bus transfer it’s not what I expected or what it was “promised” at all…. Now I see big change can mean different things...Ja!!

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    Well chums I have kept my powder dry on this thread over the past couple of weeks. You see I gave in and forked out for  new 21.5 inch iMac as the workhorse for my new edit studio. Fantastic.


    The machine is superfast. I managed a seamless transfer from my old machine and the iMac is now driving my external Lacie monitor, a Focusrite preamp with speakers and a host of FW800 drives that are now plugged via a thunderbolt adaptor. Net result a brilliant edit system that makes light work of FCP 7.x, Aperture and all the rest of it.


    The missing DVD drive is a minor irritation and one that I know I can live with. Really it is not biggie. A £20 plug & play USB drive will be more than fine. Does my desk look messy? Well not nearly as cluttered and out of sorts as it looked when I was running my dear old MBP as my main machine - cables rammed in the side - well both sides actually...


    I hate to say it (lord alone knows that Apple does not need another drooling fan-boy) but the new iMac is a beast. Have you see the new screen...?


    (I reserve the right to man later on any repairs that may cost me an arm and leg because they have to be done by my local Genius, but for now...#recommend)

  • elephantyan Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple is really doing these little trick to make money.


    We are a production studio and trying to buy a few new 27 imac, For start, we bought three 21 inch ones. but there's no DVD drive and you can not upgrade your RAM yourself anymore. instead of £15 for a 4GB RAM, you have to pay £160 more to upgrade your RAM.


    Why Apple is doing this? Don't they have any sense?


    Now I am sourcing some previouse 27 inch Imac instead the New Thin Imac.


    Really really Annoying! Apple. I hate you!

  • animist08 Level 1 (25 points)

    No. Don't buy an old 27iMac. Either customize the latest MacPro or wait a few months for the new MacPro. However this will cost 2-3 times as much.


    Your company should have customized them instead of buying them off the shelf as a standard build.


    It is evident your research prior to buying was sadly lacking.


    Complaining about the price, especially for business, is not wise.


    Adding a DVD drive is a snap at around $80


    You should undestand the manufacturing and customizing aspects in much more detail.


    Not having at least one MacPro in a production studio is a major purchasing oversight.

  • pipogoro Level 1 (0 points)

    It seems like some people are buying straight from apple. In real production life it's kind of messy... Don't know in the UK or US but when I worked in Spain and had to buy apple, the credit card companies wouldn't allow so many K's.


    Let's say €4800 at the time on a single g5 and you had to go to the store to buy with the bills on hand like Mr. Mafioso!!!! I know times have changed but when you hit buy on the apple online store your credit or debit card should have the juice if not the transaction dies, even if you have talked to credit card companies about the purchase.


    Most of the times when you are on production you have to buy of the shelves Mr. Mafioso style, and even in a hurry you have to buy what you've got there.


    Buying today a mac pro it's as hurried decision as having to buy 21" iMac. 27"iMac is the target today. Even having more cores in the mac pro the thunderbolt and the flash or fusion drive makes the 27" the thing to go for.


    As for the prices of the ram now a day you can choose from various brands, but before you had to stick to a couple in order, for the machine, to function properly. One thing I hope it's still happening, is that mac always have top of the line chips, or chipwork that really works fine without major trouble. Factory ram included…

    As for considering old material to work I like to stick to the words of Oscar Niemeyer when building brazilia to a coronel that wanted a classical building… “General if you are going to war you rather have old weaponry or new weaponry?”…


    Cheers people!!!!

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