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  • carl wolf Level 6 (14,625 points)

    "but will they replace it?"

    Why don't you ask Apple directly?

  • Amanda_baby_x Level 1 (0 points)

    I will admit - I was very ****** off over the iPad 4 ...Coz I only bought me iPad 3 the day before And nothing was said bout the iPad 4 --- so u can imagine l was ****** off coz l just spent £500 on an iPad 3 . Wasn't  amused....


    But now - I think well its the same crap just with a few updates. Now it doesn't bother me too be honest. As long as you can still use the iPad whats the issue. The iPad4 is the same thing as the iPad 3

    What l don't understand - is  Apple - still advertise the iPad 2 and that's well out of date now... Yet they have taken the iPad 3 which is newer than the iPad 2.


    Take the iPad 2 off and put the iPad 3 there... The iPad 2 is now old. Think it should be iPad mini, iPad3 & iPad 4


    NOT - iPad Mini, iPad 2 & iPad 4...


    It's like apple are ashamed of the iPad 3.


    When in fact its just as good as the iPad 4. What where  thinking off.


    Personally - I don't see why l fork out another £500 when there is nothing wrong with the iPad 3.


    It's a very true saying


    "If it's not Broke, then why fix it"


    Why waste another £500 - it doesn't warrant it.. I love  but l not falling for their games.


    I love the iPad 3 and too be honest not arsed if its now old. Coz its still an amazing product... As long as it works whats the issue... Why waste another £500 when the iPad 3 does the same thing as the iPad 4... Ask you're selfs is it worth wasting money on the iPad 4 when you have a iPad 3 that works great. Does it really matter ????....

  • MyMac8MyPC Level 4 (1,460 points)

    Amanda_baby_x wrote:


    I will admit - I was very ****** off over the iPad 4 ...Coz I only bought me iPad 3 the day before And nothing was said bout the iPad 4

    So why didn't you just exchange it. You have a full 28 days to do that. Also Apple (and now many other tech companies) do not announce future releases. Samsung just released the galaxy sIII a short time ago and now next month they are releasing the S4. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, from now on high tech gadgets won't have a 1 year cycle. Instead it will be closer to 6 months. There simply is just too much competition in this market.

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    The iPad 3 was pulled off the shelfs in the UK because it was advertised as being 4G LTE which it was not.

    That's what i bought it for and when i found out it was not and after a lot of phone calls and writing of letters i had mine replaced for the 4G.

    So i was happy as i got what i had paid for a tablet that is 4G LTE.


    I don't use mine for games but the iPad 4 is a lot faster than the iPad 3 and it does not get hot witch my iPad 3 did plus it does not take so long to charge up and it is faster over wifi.


    And if Apple do go down the road of bringing out a new model twice a year it will be a huge mistake tablets are not like phones customers want to get a year out of their model before they change for a new one.


    That was Apples biggest strengths bringing out just one model a year it made them different from all the other tablet makers plus those iwho wanted to change once a year ment they got a good price for their one year old model on the likes of Ebay.


    What i did notice was when Apple suddenly pulled the iPad 3 within two months they lost a lot of their resale value.

    In fact i saw iPad 2 fetching more money on Ebay than the iPad 3 go figure.


    What i do find interesting that now that the Android platform settling down Samsung are looking to go to a once a year release on their tablets something Steve Jobs saw coming.

  • jackmarcus435 Level 1 (0 points)

    What is your Carrier? (The Service Provider).

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