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So I charge my iPhone 5 overnight. I plug it in to the wall charger that came with the phone before I go to sleep. It fully charges too 100% and switches from the lightnin bolt to the plug. But then it seems to discharge while still on the charger with no use. A few days ago I woke up to it (after being charged overnight) at 96%. At first I didn't think much of it and thought maybe it was a fluke. Then this morning my alarm went off and I woke up to it (also after charging overnight) 100% and DID NOT UNPLUG IT, simply turned on the screen to see my notifications, locked the screen then hopped in the shower. Came back about 20 minutes later and it was at 97%. It had not been taken off the charger at all. I noticed that when i checked the percentage while it was on the charger and at 97%, that rather than having the lightning bolt indicating it was still charging from 97 % it had the cord plug (which I believe indicates its fully charged which 97% is not) so I thought that was weird. Please help. Thank You!

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    Exactly the same problem here: Left to charge over night and found the phone at 95% in the morning. Re-plugged the phone, and it went back up to 100%..


    Is this an issue, or are they trying to save the battery from too many cycles (would "leave it powered" count as a cycle)? In any way, they should try to proactively communicate this.


    I am heavily disappointed by the battery lifetime. Two hours after unplugging it from the 100% I had, it was back down at 85% (only using bluetooth). The phone does not even last a day's (normal, not heavy) use. It compares to my 2.5y/o iphone4 or worse. Indeed, I would have prefered a 1mm thicker and 30g heavier device, which I could have used for a full day.. :-(




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    I have this problem as well. I had a genius appointment about it and the response was "wait until Apple updates the firmware". Anyone else have any information on this issue? Thanks!

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    Have you got any crash logs?


    Look in Settings / General / About / Diagnostics & Usage / Diagnostic & Usage Data


    Generally if it's not charging you have some software error in the background looping and the crash logs can direct you to the issue...

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    This may be a carry over from the macbook... where it stop charging if you connect it.  It will start charging once it hits 95%. 


    If i recall correctly, its something about not overcharging the battery so it gives it time.  if u really want 100%, unplut it, let it drop to 95% and put in to charge.



    not sure if it applies but its possible...

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    To Player8:


    It is charging. It is just doing what HSUEA001 described. I have researched this topic a lot and the symptoms are what happens to the Macbook. I checked the crash log and I haven't had any apps crash since I updated to the iPhone 5.




    Thats what I thought as well, but it seems to happen sporadically. It also does not happen on my girlfriend's iPhone 4S. Through my research I have discovered that this is an issue since the 4S. Nobody seems to know what it is. When I went in to my Apple store for my genius appointment, he ran a diagnostic and the battery was functioning normally. This doesn't put me off the phone at all, I was just wondering what is going on.

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    dunno, it doesnt happen to my iPhone 5 so i cant confirm.  But my macbook does this all the time.  4% wont make a huge difference anyways.

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    Update: I just tried to replicate this with my 3 year old 3GS and what happens is that after some time the plug will turn into a thunderbolt (while charged and remaining on the charger), however the meter still reads 100%. My 3GS is on iOS 5.1.1. It seems that it is normal, but essentially the iPhone 5 battery meter shows the actual reading (after the whole iPad thing that charges for an extra 2 hours after it reachs 100%). So, I am going to assume it's normal behaviour, the battery meter is just showing the actual reading.