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    Let us know how you get on with your enquiries.

  • Slackman64 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I just spoke to apple in the uk and I have been told that its only 14 days I don't no about queuing to buy stuff I think we should be queing to complain see how they like the bad publicity .

  • adamfromscarborough Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    To anyone in ireland, if you bought your iPad within 30 days from apple online store  Apple will review and most probably exchange for you although it is on a case by case basis.


    If you bought it from one of the so called "premium" resellers they wont exchange. As they are not bound by the same policy.

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    I for one am really unhappy that Apple whom I have trusted and thought of as a very honourable Company would pull such a move that is underhanded and leaving all iPad 3 owners flummoxed ......!!!!! I thought they were there for the customers ! I have only had the the New Pad ! for a couple of months and feel very cheated with the same.  Further insult agian is the fact that the iPad 3 is now no longer in the line and it goes from iPad 2 straight to iPad 4.  I don't like saying this but i'm left with no choice in the future i was just about the purchase the iPhone 5, but now I have no trust in a company which is just concerned with getting the bucks in.  I will transfer to an Andriod phone instead and my next tablet won't be an Apple.  Shame as before now I blindly followed all of Apple's products.


    Apple please prove me wrong and rectify this .......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Does anyone know what is going on with the policy outside of the US? I mean, there are Apple buyers in Australia and other parts of the world too. I called up Apple here (given that I just bought the Ipad3 17 days ago) and they said that it's only a US thing so far, and they aren't aware of anything happening in Aus in re to exchanging products within the 30 day period.



    I really hope Apple release an official statement and make the policy applicable universally!!!

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    Lets face it we have all been screwed I have iMac iphone and a ipad but its the last time I buy apple .

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    Shweps, I totally agree with you right up to the point where you said about going Android. Seriously don't even bother, you'll be disappointed and the tabs are s***.


    Apple has us over a barrel and they know it. They make the best products with no competition so you are only affecting yourself by going to Android.


    Personally I'm not going to buy any products direct from Apple or their resellers for a while, I'll stick with 2nd user devices so that Apple doesn't get my money.

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    I just spoke with a local Apple Store (in Colorado, US) and was told if the iPad 3 was purchased within 30 days, they will exchange that with the new(est) iPad.

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    What an insult this is to customer.. If Apple would have told users that a new device was coming, I would not purchased two ipad in the last 45 days as I did. Now all I get is that I can change one of them but not the other one since it is more than 30 days "OLD." Seriously??? Apple should exchange IPADs purchased at least 2 months ago to make up for theirs lack of communication and such a small time between two products...


    You can see their have long planned this as as someone say, they have called it the 4th generation and for some reason have removed the Ipad 3 from the online store... Is there another reason other than screwing people why apple would not continue to sell the IPad 3? I am now wondering if there are some other issues that forced Apple to move to what they now call 4th generation so quickly? I am suspiciuos now....


    I am thinking about returning the last Ipad 3 I purchased and giving Apple what they so proudly have just given to most of their users... "the middle finger"......

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    Hi, Please see the above article. Call your local Apple store if you bought one there or check with sales support if bought it on Apple's on-line store. They very well might exchange it for the ipad 4 if you bought it within the past thirty days. The decision by Apple stores to do this is discretionary.


    I'm not sure if it's in the US only, or if other countries are participating.I hope this helps.


    Please note this is not the only article. Many have posted others and on some threads a few people said they spoke with Apple and it is true. (You'd have to search pretty far back on today's threads only, but they are there.

    It has also been on the news.


    Give it try. Particularly with electronics, I never find a store that has more than a 14 day return policy (which I hate!) So if Apple's willing, great for you! Act fast, though.


    Hope this helps.

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    I purchaseed the ipad3 at hong kong but within30 days, can i get the upgrade or refund from apple store?

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    I bought my iPad 3 64GB from an Apple Store in San Francisco California on September 9th 2012. I became aware of the new iPad 4 November 10th and I called three different Apple stores in California trying to find someone who would exchange my iPad 3 for the iPad 4. The third Apple Store in San Francisco told me that they would do the exchange for me if it was in absolute perfect condition, which it was. I went there the same day on Sunday November 12th 2012 and exchanged it without any hassel. After spending well nearly 900 dollars for the iPad 3, I was quiet dissapointed when I found out about the sudden new release of the 4th Generation iPad.

    I greatly appreciate the superior customer support that I received from Apple. I have bought many Apple products before and this was the only time I felt that I needed to do an exchange.

    Thank you Apple for your superior customer service and I hope that you will continue to be awesome in the coming years.

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    I'm having problems with my ipad3 - 32gb and have booked a genious bar for next week. Very likely that they will need to make a replacement for a new one.

    Do you think in this case I could ask for an upgrade? Even if I had to pay the diference?

    Has any of you been through this situation?



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