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Thank you

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 6
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    That depends on where you bought it. You have 14 days to get a full refund from Apple - if you bought it from them directly. If you bought it elsewhere - contact the retailer for details on their return policy.


    In the U.S.


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    I bought it around August 15th


    This is rather upsetting


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    Some sites are reporting that Apple will allow an exchange if you bought your iPad 3 within the last 30 days.  I'd go directly to the nearest Apple Store and pursue this if I were in your situation. Or, if you bought it from a 3rd party store...contact Apple Support via phone.

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    Bought an Ipad 3 AND Iphone 5 on the 3rd of this month.  Verizon is unwilling to take back the "new" Ipad 3 (as it was being so proudly billed by the sales rep.) - 14 day return period clause.   Doh!


    So aftertheburial...don't feel so bad.  Bought mine just 7 days too early for an exchange! 


    ****** me off that I still don't have my phone via UPS yet - and the "NEW" was being used so heavily when referring to the Ipad3 until just a few days ago.  Would also have been nice to have the same charger for both devices...but guess I've learned my lesson.


    Have been a studio photographer using multiple MacPro's since the early days, but new to Apple phones & pads.  Not off to a good start !!!!!!

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    What a dissapointment with Apple over this.. I just got my personal Ipad about 1 month and 12 days today.. Even Wrose, my wife just made me order hers last week.. Now Apple nicely come out with  a new model... ***.. If I knew the new model was being anounced yesterday, I would not have purchase our IPads.. Good way to do business Apple..


    The other funny thing is that aparently the Ipad 3 is no longer available on the inline store... Apple should exchange any Ipad three older than 3 month becuase of their failure to let user know a new version was being released...

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    You can cancel / return last week's order for a full refund.