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  • lil_riceguy Level 1 Level 1

    it seems everyone has been able to get this cleared up from the above statements. I wonder if this was a server error?

  • Barbara Jay Level 1 Level 1

    I don't have an iPhone I only have an iMac and no other Apple products. I also have never  had a Facebook account.

    I have stopped getting the  prompt .  Facebook is known for  collecting people's personal information . I hope they did not figure out how to  piggy back on Apple products to collect our information even though many of us do not have Facebook accounts

  • Adam Sharpe Level 1 Level 1

    Appears to be fixed. For now.. would love to know the reasons behind the message..

  • Frozo Level 2 Level 2

    OK, so now I AM getting paranoid lol! A strange sound just came from my computer. 2 dings, a low tone followed by a higher tone. I checked the web page I still had open from testing this, but there were no ad videos or any pop ups active. REALLY weird. Ive been using Macs for 20 years and never had an unexplained sound like this come up before.


    Sure it may be unrelated, but In not feeling very secure about this Facebook certificate. I never trusted that site.

  • Barbara Jay Level 1 Level 1

    Since so many of us had the same issue we know it is not our computers or equipment.


    When the forum lit up with so many identical messages I'll bet it got someone's attention at Apple Support.

    I don't  think Apple would take kindly to anyone including Facebook collecting  information on their customers. So I feel safe for now .


    I had something  strange happen earlier this evening. Suddenly I had something "downloading" that said from "Unknown" I  had not initiated any download  so I immediately  hit cancel download and then  dragged it to the trash . I have never had a download start when I did not initiate it .  A while  after this incident the  Safari can  verify certification started  Hum-m-m

  • Frozo Level 2 Level 2

    What makes you feel safe for now? Maybe the certificate is back up and running under the hood the way it was before this error exposed them. I dont know enough to say something is foul, but I am very suspicious and would really like some answers.

  • Barbara Jay Level 1 Level 1

    I hope we get some answers too

  • Kid_Menegh Level 1 Level 1

    Go to app store abd pick "SSL Detective".  Run and insert ie: ""  or "" or "" and send by email. Open email and install the certificates.


    works for me.

  • MJSamanka Level 1 Level 1

    I missed the first episode of "can't ID server identity".  However, last night, 8/27/13 I experienced a similar situation: can't ID server identity was followed by a strange address which included an arrangement of letters that included (but not consecutively) "vznwi." I was using iPhone V running of of Wi Fi from Time Warner Cable. Turns out cable was down and iPhone was trying to run off My Verizon data plan. But, apparently my iPhone wasn't ammeneable to what looked like a Verizon address.  I am a novice at this and would love to learn more. Was visiting parents when this occurred so could not verify on my MBP, iPad IV etc.


    P S  Everything works as it should today

  • hodayarivka Level 1 Level 1

    i have this "cannot verify identity" problem now. for almost every page that i open. whether i press Cancel or Continue - nothing helps. i cant use internet anymore. Is there something else than Safari? this is too bad!

  • DannieDe Level 1 Level 1

    Check your date in the upper right corner.  If the date is not correct you will get "cannot verify" and Facebook will not load correctly.

  • ShaCal Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you!!  After reading everything here, I finally saw your post and looked at the date on my phone (4s).  It was December 24, 2012 (today is 11/8/14).  I have NO idea why, but as soon as I changed it everything started working properly again.

  • Edo62091 Level 1 Level 1

    its solved for me!

    The date and time was wrong for me, so i changed it and it stopped!


    Hope this helps!

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