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  • borbye Level 1 Level 1

    No worries, this is a discussionforum :-)


    It looks like we are doing things different. I prefer no firewalls, no Filevault and no further safetymeasures other than standard Apple settings. For me the important part is the outgoing connections. It is amazing how many outgoing calls from othervise undetected sources on your mac that LS will find.


    This has been the setup since my first login to the net nearly 20 years ago. I am not worried about viruses etc on macs since other do a nice job worrying about it. It has not been nescessary and the advantage of not worrying is far outweighing the damage should virus finally come to mac after so many years of worryfree operations. I do however backup seriously.


    Now back to the subject. Sorry for this huge diversion...

  • growler62000 Level 1 Level 1

    I don't use keychain but, I opened it & verified & got the OK.  I dount that my problem was related to keychain. I never stored passwwords on my Mac.


    BTW, does anyone still have the problem? I think it is fixed w/o any action at all from us users. I asume that many web pages have FB links which some use & others, like me don't but, if the certificate has problems, we get the warning.


    FB probably learned of this issue & fixed their certificate problem.

  • christopher rigby1 Level 4 Level 4

    No, it's not fixed. I just got it on the Mac Hangout website (downloading Glims) which has a Facebook button on its home page, like many sites do these days.


    (Using Safari 5.0.6 on a G4 PB.)

  • canucksgirl01 Level 1 Level 1

    Based on the amount of views and repeated questions for this same type of problem, I'd say the problem still exists...


    For me the problem is resolved. I posted a separate page for the fix (as my reply is buried in this thread).



    Whether or not you use KeyChain, that's where certificate information is stored (about the websites you visit) AND where you need to go to fix it. Every time I run into a new certificate issue, I do a quick check to see how many others are having the same problem, and figured it was time to start contributing to the Support Community.



  • sb083 Level 1 Level 1

    Still happening to me on iOS 6, but not on Safari 6.0.1 anymore. I have iCloud Safari Bookmarks turned on.



  • S. G. Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem, both on a MacBook and an iPod, but only with Safari. Constant problems with website certificates that are usually not needed, and attempting to connect to facebook or other sites that I also never use. It started yesterday night, and is still going on now.

  • Barbara Jay Level 1 Level 1

    I discovered something that "may be" impacting this problem.


    I have my cookies parameters set  to "Block third parties and advertisers"  

    I have never had a Facebook account, but Facebook is setting cookies on my computer. I have cleared them  numerous times and as soon as I visit a site with the  Facebook Icon the  cookies are back. Most sites these days have a Facebook Icon. Since I have never had a Facebook account Facebook is a third party.


    How is Facebook getting around the  parameters on Safari to Block third party cookies? Perhaps Apple needs to investigate this

  • Barbara Jay Level 1 Level 1

    UPDATE  This certification issue  seems to be a Facebook problem.


    I just cleared all cookies, cleared my Safari Cache and set it to ALWAYS block cookies. I went to a site I know that  has a Facebook icon and  then found  27 cookies had been set on my computer and Facebook was one of them. Somehow these companies have  figured out how to  bypass Safari  parameters on cookies .  What other parameters are they  by-passing ? I think Apple  needs to look into this and  create a patch to stop this .

  • Frozo Level 2 Level 2

    NO DOUBT Facebook is tracking something. This is a serious issue. I wish someone here knew enough to read what info is going out to them and to see what the cookies are collecting.

  • wright Level 1 Level 1

    Is Facebook gaining access through other websites that you may have an account with?  When it happened to my computer my son thought it may have been from his ESPN account which he had linked to his Facebook account -we attepted to clear it but we were still getting that information.


    I had updated my software prior to this happening including downloading the Apple directed Java account as well as updating Silverlight as requested through my Netflix account.  When I went back to the Microsoft Silverlight page - I saw that they had a "Like us on Facebook" link.  Has Facebook gained access to our computers through Silverlight and other software companies we utulize to run our Apple computers and phones?

  • Frozo Level 2 Level 2

    You dont need an account for any website to experience this problem. Just go to any random site with a Facebook icon and you'll get it. Well, we're not getting it now that it's "fixed", but you know what I mean.


    Its so completely disturbing that they are planting cookies even if you set to NEVER accept cookies. We must demand answers as to how they are able to do this. If they can do it, so can others.


    Can someone with Chrome and Firefox see if the cookies are planted if the security settings are set to never accept? This way we can for sure see if it's a breack of Safari specifically or a larger issue.

  • Barbara Jay Level 1 Level 1

    No this is not the case. After I set always block cookies I went to CBS News and then to our local TV station site . I have never registered with either of these sites and never post on their forums . Both have Facebook icons on their sits and want us to like them on Facebook.  I have never had a Facebook account. As I said Some how facebook is by passing the  parameters on Safari


    Less than  2 hours ago I clear all cookies and cache to do my experiment . Then I set  Safari back to  "Block all third parties and advertisers" . 1 just checked and I have 137 cookies and all but 3 are are from places I never visit. Addthis. AddTech, Addmedia, Double Click and on and on

  • wright Level 1 Level 1

    Have you downloaded Microsoft Silverlight software?  Do you have a Netflix account?  Facebook could be tracking you through the required Microsft software that needs to run to view certain web pages. 

  • Frozo Level 2 Level 2

    For what it's worth, I have a Netflix account and have Silverlight installed. Im not sure how Silverlight would have anything to do with the seemingly endless number of sites that were affected.

  • wright Level 1 Level 1

    I believe that the problem has been resolved not through anything anyone of us has done but becuase Facebook "fixed their certificate problem"


    I do believe that it has now provided us with the kn

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