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Hi, y ipod touch has stopped Syncing to my G5 tower. Further after I updgraded the iOS on the ipod, NOW it will not Sync on the G5 cuz it's i'm using 10.5.8 and itunes 10.5.2.  Since my last attempt to Sync to the G5, the iPod has erased al the apps, and widgets that "apparently was not authorized"... cuz it was not able to Sync.


My question: is there a way to "copy" my recent ipod backup that is sitting into the G5 powerPC, and copy that to the iTunes of my MAcBook-intel using also  OSX10.5.8, and itunes 10.6. The ipod, has not been backed up with the MAcbook before. Update. after connecting the ipod tothe Macbook, it says it requires itunes 10.6.3.


My most recent backup of the ipod to the G5, was 9/25/12.  I have been trying to find an alternative since then. Short of having to buy a newer G5 (that could handle OSX 10.6 and higher) I now want to use the MAc book to Sync the ipod, and hopefully I can regain all my purchased app that have been deleted (as I was told by a Genius at Apple store)


Any suggestion on how to transfer the ipod Backup file from the itunes in G% to the Mack book itunes??  Where is the file located that contains the back up??  Do I have to copy my entire itunes library??  or can I simply "point" to my G5 itunes library via a fire wire cable that is onto an extra HD into the G5?? (obviously using the G5 as a target mode)


any help will be welcomed!



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    Try this to get your iPod to sync with your 10.5.8 Mac:

    ios 6 and macosx 10.5 on a pre intel...: Apple Support Communities

    Synced media like apps and music are not included in the iPod backup that iTunes makes. Yu can redownload iTunes purchases by:

    Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store

    iTunes places the backup files in the following places:

    • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/


    Yes you can place the G5 in target mode and then copy the iTunes library to the MacBook.

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    thanks for your reply.   I checked the ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/, folder, but all files are impossible to decipher which one belongs to what.


    I was able to upgrade itunes10.6.3 on the G5 PPC. Another problem I encounter, is that when I attmpt.


    The error I get is when I am suddenly being prompted to put my username and password..... but it says it is invalid. It goes to step 4, and says "this computer is no longer authorized for apps....would you like to authorize this computer for items purchased  from the itunes store.... if you do not authorize.. 22 apps will be deleted"


    I click authorize, and then my user name is already in there, but my password has to be inputed.  (never had to do this before)  After putting my password i Get:  "there was an error storing your authorization info on this computer...the required directory was not found or has a persmissions error. Correct the permissions problem and try again, or deauthorize this computer if the permission cannot be chnaged".


    No I don't know if this problem comes from the fatc that "mobile me" is not more . Like when I go to sys pref, Mobile me (10.5.8 does not have iCloud) and attempt to sign in, it won't work. (BTW my usernam and password is automatically in the respective fields- no need to manually input them.)


    Could this problem be due to itunes not being able to log into my "icloud" account vs "mobile me" account?  it is interesting that it stopped working early October, when mobile me went out of biz at end of June!!



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    10.5.8 does not support iCloud and MobileMe was discontinued in July.


    Try going to Applications>Utilities and open Disk Utilites. Select the option to repair disk permissions and then try again.

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    I rememeber having repaired the permissions 2 weeks ago and tried to Sync. Did not work.  I reapaired them again 3time yesterday.  Again when it isi time to  enter the "password" to authorize the computer, it still does not work.


    it looks like that it's the similar glitch related to the "mobile me" account that does not LOG in anymore, as if iTunes Username and password is being rejected along with the "mobile me" username and password in the Sys prefs. (I know it was closed in June July 2012)  But could this be related???? Problem logging in?




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    If you have an Apple store nearby I would make an appointment at their Genius Bar.

    Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar