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This user is only here to ridicule us new users looking for answers. How do I bring it to Apple's attention that his posts are not in line with the terms of use? Mean posts come from many users but this guy never has anything helpful to say.

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    As you know, you can't report a post yourself until you reach level 2.   That said, if you post back with a link to the offending thread, I'll report it to the moderators on your behalf.


    It will then be up to them.

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    I replied and then clicked this helped me and my reply disappeared! Still learning here. Thank you seventy one for your response. I did include a link to the profile page as I wasn't sure what the protocol was. Here is a link to the thread that he has several snide replies in.




    I am just trying to find some answers by browsing these threads and he's just wasting space in my search! LOL

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    Hello again Kath,


    I've had a look at the thread (you could have found a smaller one ) and while I agree there are some sarcastic comments, I don't think they are abusive enough to raise the moderators.   I have seen, indeed, I've recently been subjected to worse abuse (the post was removed).


    But it's not for me to anticipate the moderators.   As I promised you, I will report the post but you must realise that removing posts in a thread so big means many other interlinking posts may need to be removed and that could harm the thread as a whole.


    I did note the link but thought there may be more.


    So if nothing changes you shouldn't feel discouraged.  


    Regards,   71

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    Thanks again. I wasn't expecting the posts to be removed, especially in one so long and very active. I just wanted to point him out to someone with some sort of ability or authority to ask him to quit it. You're right in that it is probably mild as compared to some but I've been through and through this thread trying out all the suggestions for my friend and I got so annoyed at his flippancy. I will thicken my skin and try to ignore the icky people. :)

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    That's the spirit, Kath.     Thank you for the stars.