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I switched from Pop to Imap but maybe something went wrong or I made some mistakes.


I created first a mailbox "on My Mac" moving the emails I had under Inbox (POP).  Plus I moved in new mailboxes in Gmail Imap all my different emails I had in On My Mac (POP) divide in mailboxes according to my needs.


I added a new account in Mail keeping still the POP,  called Gmail Imap. I noticed that automatically in Gmail settings the Imap was activated when still POP was active for the other account.


Now I have not delete the POP because I am trying to move all the emails I saved on a special mailbox on My Mac to Inbox I have now.


So I am stuck because I don't want to delete the POP in case all my saved emails in My mac will be deleted.


I think I makde some mistakes.



Please help to adjust all situation if possible.



How should I get the email in Imap and how should look Mail because now looks teh same as before in POP.



Thanks a lot for great help




iMac Superdrive Intel, Mac OS X (10.6.8)