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Hi I've just received my new Macbook Pro 13" Retina display.

It came with OS 10.8.1 installed.

I've migrated my apps from my old Macbook - including some like Aperture that say they are not compatible with 10.8.1

Apparently I need to upgrade to 10.8.2 but when I try to do this by clicking the Download button for Mountain Lion in the App Store, it says that my computer is not compatible.

Does anyone else have this problem or am I doing something wrong?

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    The ML update - did you do this via Software Update or did you go directly to the Mac App Store?  If not by Software Update, try doing it that way and see if it works.


    The old apps - what Mac OS X did you migrate from to your 10.8.1 machine?  If you were using Mac OS X 10.6 the apps very well may not be compatible as they may contain PPC legacy code and need Rosetta to run  Apple dropped the Rosetta license when Lion was released so none of the pre-Lion apps will run under Lion or Mountain Lion.

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    >Software Update...what happens when you check here?

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    When I use Software Update, the only update that is available is iPhoto. When I click Update on it, it says:


    "iPhoto can’t be installed on “Macintosh HD” because OS X version 10.8.2 or later is required. You can update OS X from the Updates page of the App Store."


    So that doesn't work either.


    I also tried downloading the combo update as suggested by


    I couldn't run the installer because it wouldn't let me select a destination disk. It says my "volume is not compatible with this update"

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    Call AppleCare. Apple has done this before, I suspect your computer has a special build of OS X, not available through the Mac app store, & that's why you're getting that error message. You may only be able to update using Internet Recovery. But, call AppleCare to confirm may have to ask the first person you talk to to bump the call to tier 2 support.

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    Now that is clearer...had the same thing happen with my new iMac a month ago...but above the iPhoto update banner was another update for iTunes...cliccking on the details, or more, whichever it was, then showed the Mac OS X 10.8.2 update.  Starting from that point it did the 10.8.1 to 10.8.2 update, iTunes and then iPhoto.

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    I've migrated my apps from my old Macbook


    How did you do that, and what apps did you migrate? My suspicion is that you copied too much from your older machine, and have replaced some vital system components (perhaps the App Store) with versions from an older system. If that's the case, you'll have no option but to reinstall the system, by holding down command-R at startup and reinstalling right on top of the existing system. The reinstall will require downloading about 4 GB.

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    I have the same problem: bought a new 13 inch MacBook Retina this afternoon in Hong Kong. It has 10.8.1 and won't update to 10.8.2.  Called Applecare and they told me to try downloading and install the 10.8.2 Combo Update.  It wouldn't install because "This volume does not meet the requirements for this update."  On hold again with US AppleCare.

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    AppleCare had me reinstall OS X via Internet Recovery. And it reinstalled 10.8.1 after a few hours of downloading.

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    It looks like this might solve the problem

  • larz3 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks, solved my problem too. Would have been nice if it came out before they started selling the device to save the hours needless reinstalling via internet. Price of being an early adopter!

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    I have the same problem and it looks like that link is down.

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    I have the same problem. When calling Apple they told me to get a new computer sending the old one back to the reseller. But since you guys here got the same problem I wonder if I should follow that (stupid and annoying advice).


    I also wonder what happened to that link one person here posted - it doesnt work anymore, is deactivated. But considering the title of it it just looked like something I would need.


    What is going on??


    Please Apple people fix this. This computer is not cheap and it should work out of the box of course!





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    Same thing happening to me today.


    Previously, this computer was able to be upgraded to 10.8.2. Did a restore over the internet today which installed 10.8.1 and now there is no way to get back to 10.8.2.

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    A new incident just came up when I downloaded both the combo update and the (not combo) update for 10.8.2.


    When installing and coming to the screen where you have to choose the disk I get a yellow warning triangle and a comment that the device (my ssd 256GB) "does not meet the requirements for this update". WHAT?!?


    My all-new mbpr 13 does not meet the requirements to upgrade from 10.8.1 to 10.8.2?


    Come on apple folks - help us out here!



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