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I owne two of these bluetooth headsets that worked flawlessly with my Iphone 4S. Once upgrading to Iphone 5 they both have an issue where they will just cut out (remained paired) and I have to quickly switch to Iphone or person thinks I've hung up.


It's not losing pairing and it's not a signal issue as it does it near and far from phone.


Anyone else having issues?


match, iOS 5.0.1
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    Same exact problem with my Verizon iPhone 5 and my Motorola HX550 headset.  Worked perfect with my AT&T iPhone 4, but has major problems with the iPhone 5.  It cuts out, can't find the headset, drops the connection, but most annoying is that I can't unmute from the headset any longer.  When I press the buttons to mute it works perfect, but when I press again it does nothing (expected behavior should be to unmute), if I press it a third time the headset says "unmuted" then immediately says "muted" again.  This is not a problem when I use it with any other phone including my old iphone 4...only on the iphone 5.  :-(  :-(  :-(   Hope this fix is coming soon with ios 6.0.1. 

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    I am having the same problem too, it just cuts out on a phone call. Very frusrating!!! I just bought the bluetooth device and may be returning it.

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    I am having this EXACT problem.  I have tried two Motorola Elite Flip Headsets ($99) and a Jawbone Icon ($99) so not cheap headsets, and it happens with all three headsets.  I will suddenly realize I cannot hear the person on my headset when I ask a question and they don't answer.  If I bring up Audio Sources it shows connected to my Motorola Elite Headset.  If i hit speaker and then hit the Motorola headset button then it restores the call to my headset. I use my headset for business and it's really an issue.


    I called Verizon on 11/01/12 and spoke to Tier 2, they had no known issues so the tech actually called over to Apple and was told an iOS 6.01 update had just become available and would fix a bluetooth bug.   I downloaded it but nowhere in the release notes does it mention bluetooth.   I still installed it but it has not helped at all. 


    The other issue I have is on inbound calls it doesn't always go to my headset and if I'm driving I'm grappling for my phone.  On outbound calls they do all use my headset... until the call switches without warning to my iPhone.


    I may have to reactivate my Droid if Apple does not resolve this because I can't work in this type of environment.

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    I just upgraded to iOS 6.0.1...unfortunately the problem continues to exist.  :-(  The iPhone 5 appears to have major Bluetooth issues.  I'm surprises this was not tested better?!?  And what is Apple change management process since Bluetooth worked on the iPhone 4 & 4S -- and still works even with iOS 6 & 6.0.1?  Is this a hardware problem??? 

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    I returned my original Motorolla HX550 and purchased a new one hoping the unit was bad... No dice, still having same problem of disconnecting. I upgraded to IOS 6.0.1 and the problem is still there, however the disconnection doesn't happen quite as often like it did with 6.0. I'm glad to see that it isn't just a Motorolla issue... Hopefully, with the billions Apple has in the bank, they will throw some more money into fixing their products...

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    And I thought I was the only one with the Bluetooth HX550 Headset issue. I bought this Motorola Headsets at about $63 when they were new last year. They worked flawlessly on my Droid Bionic and with the IPhone 4s. Well, a couple of them I had to return and exchange because they had the same pairing problem with the iPhone 4s.

    The thing is once I got then to work they were so great I bought 4 headsets. Now that I got the iPhone 5, the problem is not only still there, but its worse. The phone just unpairs from Headset for no reason and to not lose the caller, I quickly have to turn phone speaker on as just closing headset flip will not gain communication back with other party. Two of the 4 HX550's, just kept unpairing after a few minutes, so I could not use them; one works sometimes for a day or half a day and the other one I thought was working, just started disconnecting last night.

    I noticed that it happens when the phone "locks itself" in the middle of a call and you hear the click of the phone going into screen saving mode and after I hear that noise in the headset, half the time I will lose the caller. I use my phone for business, no music or any of the toys so I don’t have time for this kind of crap. Now that I read others having the same issue., and not just with this Motorola HX550 but also with other Brands and models of headsets, I’m seriously considering switching back to Android after reading someone here thinking about doing the same. I mean, is just not acceptable to have to hold phone with a hand or with neck while you are working. For one the neck can hurt after years of doing that. For two, you can’t possibly do that and drive safely. One of my tasks for this week was to go buy a different brand headset that may work, but now I am reading other brands have the same problem. So it's not just Motorola but Apple. Come to think of it, I don’t think I see too many iPhone users with headsets that we business people need for work. Whenever I called Apple they don’t even know which Brand to recommend, nor do they sell their own that will work with the iPhone. I haven’t used a mobile phone without a headset for so many years and I'm not about to begin now. It’s not good for business people. I'm glad I checked out this forum so I save time, aggravation and frustration from going to buy another Headset that doesn’t work

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    Does anyone know fo a brand and model Headset that actually works with iPhone5? I will be cancelling my iPhone contract with Verizon and going back to Android if I can't solve this issue

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    I have had 2 iPhones connected at the same time to HX550 for many months. There was a problem at the beginning but after disabling voice recognition, talk feature, and something else it started working fine. My iPhones are 3GS and 4S. Both with iOS 5.1.1 installed.


    I havent changed anything lately and few days ago HX550 stopped working on my iPhone 4S. Headset connect and allow me tu listen to the music but its not available during calls. I have tried reset to factory settings, reconnect, forget it in the iPhone many times but it still doesnt connect as a calling device. That happened without any change.

    Iphone 3GS is still working fine but other iPhone 4S is not connecting properly.


    Is there a way to upgrade firmware on HX550?? Have you got any ways or ideas of fixing it??

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    FOUND A BLUETOOTH THAT WORKS with the iPhone 5!! Thanks to Troy from Apple Support.
    I was about to reactivate an Android so I could use my phone hands free. As a business phone, is just plain UNACCAEPTABLE to not be able to use the iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 by holding it with your neck. Wired headsets are obsolete and often result in damaging the phone by slamming it to the ground unintentionally. I had the same problem with the Motorola HX550 unpairing itself, then went to the Apple and the Verizon website, and both offer the Jawbone Icon as an accessory for the iPhone. I went and bought one even though T Folino already experienced bad results with the Jawbone. I had the Jawbone for less than 3 hours and it kept cutting out on me in a conversation with Bing Advertising. My next call was to Apple Support and EUREKA!!! I spoke to a rep named Troy, who told me he uses the Plantronics M155 ($79.95) and that it works perfectly!! I was seriously questioning why Apple doesn’t share this knowledge on their website and went to try one out. As soon as I paired it, I could see this one was going to work so after testing it I went and bought second one immediately. I also found this model on sale at Amazon for only $29.95 so Best Buy matched Tiger Direct's price of $34.95 each!! I have been burning this headset now for 3 days and it works great. I also can walk away from phone and when I'm too far it will tell me is disconnected and as soon as I'm back in range it pairs itself automatically. So far so good and all of this on the 6.01 Software version with and iPhone 5. The problem was the same with the 4s unfortunately and I don’t have it anymore. I upgraded to the iPhone 5 hoping the problem with pairing to a Bluetooth Headset would disappear but it was the same, maybe even worse

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    I don't know about disabling voice recognition, talk feature and whatever else. To me that's all a Mickey Mouse fix to a device like an Apple iPhone who is competing against all the Androids which they keep making better and better. I tried calling Motorola support a long time ago to ask them about this issue and if I remember correctly, was told that I should contact Apple. I never had time to follow up on the Motorola (I have 4 of the HX550's) but I found the Plantronics M155 works perfectly without disabling any features on the iPhone. And I didnt even install the Plantronics App for the Plantronics headset. It uses the same mini USB charging plug that my Motorolas so all my car adapetrs remain the same and the home and office adapters remain the same.

    I just plain got lucky and got a support tech from Apple who actually used this model Plantronics which come with its own Apple iPhone App. They are currently as cheap as $29.95 at Amazon as I believe is being discontinued to make room for a newer model.

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    Tboy, I was just recommended the Plantronics M155 and it works perfectly. It's a $79.95 Headset but you can find it on sale at Amazon for $29.95. Even seen it for $19.95 in other websites.

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    Yes, I am having similar problems with the iPhone 5 paired to my HX550. I have used the HX550 for close to a year paired to my old iPhone 4 and it worked perfectly. However, after my recent upgrade to iPhone 5 and iOS6 and then iOS6.01, the call interuptions as described above started to happen. This is a real annoyance and a safety hazard particularly when I use the headset and phone while driving. I suddenly lose audio and had to fumble around to reactivate audio through phone or speaker. I had a few close calls already and Apple should FIX this problem with some urgency!!! With the latest management shakeup, I think they have more to fix than this problem and the loyal fans of Apple will have to suffer longer with all these glitches which should not happen in the first place. Looks like Apple is beginning to unfix lots of features on their iPhones like Maps and now bluetooth. WHAT'S NEXT??

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    Hi. Has your Plantronics M155 continued to work for you without the issue of the call dropping from the headset while the iPhone still showing it connected to the headset?

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    Hi; It has been a while since I was recommended the Plantronics M-155 by an Apple Phone Support person because he was using it and I never had a disconnection issue since. The only thing the Motorolas used to be able to do was have a little longer range but they always unpaired while when I walk away too far from the phone as in getting out of the car, the M155 will tell me when it's disconnected and when I walk back in range it will tell me it's connected again. It also has voice commands to answer or ignore the number calling you.

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