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It does not help being ignorant about iCloud, but I am.


I was saving a transcript in TextEdit when the iCloud prompt screen appeared indicating I could save it there. Because I have no idea where it can be retrieved, I saved it as normal, which is not a problem for me whatsover because I have a meticulously operated IMac with specific folders to save all my documents for various organizations including personal files Something I have done for over 10 years without any problems when it comes to retrieving files for later use. My IMac and MacBook are not lacking storage space. Have lots to spare.


Ancient users like me from the past century may not be catching onto iCloud like I should. I went to a Mountain Lion workshop but it was mostly an overview, no specifics. I found out that Apple has 3 new programs that simulate MSW Office documents. I have a sense that MSW Office files are not compatible with iCloud storage.


Okay! I need help to better understand saving files to iCloud and where on my system is iCloud to retrieve them? And, upon doing so, when I go to my MacBook, can I retrieve the same files on this device?


Dummy #1, for sure! Your patience and understanding will be most appreciated. Look forward to your assistance.


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