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I'm running Lion on an iMac.  Apple recently replaced my HDD and re-installed Lion.  I then re-installed everything else with Time Machine.  Now when I try to run certain programs, I get an error message: Missing plugin.  When I try to install Java, the Java website says the latest version if Java 7.  I know from experience that a) Java won't run on Google Chrome, and b) once you let Java install ver. 7, it's **** to get rid of.  Java's site says if you're looking for Java 6 for Mac OS X, run Software Update.  I've done that but Software Update reports that there are no updates available.


As a sidelight, About This Mac says my OS is version 10.7.5.  Don't know if this is the root of the problem.  My Lion was 10.6.8 before the HDD replacement.


I could go back to pre-HDD replacement with Time Machine, but that's pretty time-consuming.  Any suggestions?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    apple have stopped making their own java packet

    and rely on oracle to provide the plugin as windows have don for many years


    I don't use Chrome but have no problems with java in opera or safari after installing oracles java 7 plugin

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    Thanks for your response.  Oracle's site specifically says that Java 7 does not work with Google Chrome because Chrome is a 32-bit application and Java 7 is written to work only with 64-bit apps.  At the moment, I can't even get Java to work with Safari. 

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    Thanks, Linc.  I did try that, but it didn't solve the problem.  What did solve it was using Time Machine to do a system backup to the date just before I took the iMac in for the HDD replacement.  If Apple allowes you to go back to an earlier version of the OS without having to do a full backup, I'd like to know about it.


    In any case, my Lion is now back to version 10.6.8, which I like just fine.  Mountain Lion doesn't support a couple of peripherals that I use and like, including my Epson Perfection 4990 Photo scanner. 

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    As a sidelight, About This Mac says my OS is version 10.7.5.  Don't know if this is the root of the problem.  My Lion was 10.6.8 before the HDD replacement.


    I know this is an old post, but if you were running Lion on your Mac previous to installing the new HDD, it wasn't 10.6.8.


    OSX 10.6.8 was called Snow Leopard, Lion came out as 10.7.x, and Mountain Lion is 10.8.x.


    Apple put out an updated Java in Feb. 2013 for OSX 10.6 users. If you need it, you can get it here:



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    Thanks, Schoodle.   Yes, you're right, I was running Snow Leopard.  When I couldn't find the Java plugin for 10.7.5, I first reverted to 10.6.8, then upgraded to Mountain Lion only to discover that some of my older but still high-end peripherals (Epson scanners and photo printers) didn't have drivers for Mountain Lion, so here I am back at 10.6.8, Snow Leopard.  Crazy.

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    I know what you mean. I'm still running OSX 10.6.8 on my home Mac because I use Quicken 2006 to keep all my financial life aligned. Have been using Quicken since the mid-1990s, upgrading every few years, so I'm used to it. I heard the online Quicken version isn't as detailed as the older ones. I hate to give all those features up, when I use so many of them.


    I also have older, well working peripherals too. Not sure if they have drivers for newer OSXs, but I don't care. I also have an Air running Lion. I don't use the Air for any record keeping. It's just for travel so I can email, watch streaming video, surf the web, and check my financial accounts. I do a little work on it too (yuk,yuk,yuk).


    I'm not a fan of having to replace equipment just for the sake of having the latest and greatest stuff. It's a big financial commitment to make all these changes and I hate throwing away good, working things. Geez, I still have 2 TVs from the 80s that work great, (Sony, of course), though I don't watch TV much anymore. However, you should see my closet! I think I still have clothes and linens from the 80s too. This stuff comes back into fashion every so often. Still, it's probably time for a big closet purge, but not my office!!!!