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I just got the FCP X and Compressor 4.0.4 workflow to properly render out on other QMaster clustered Mac. Things are OK. Just here and there are minor file access errors that I have to enable whenever a reboot is performed.


The issue now is that I seem to not be able to let my main Mac Pro to exclude the processor intensive rendering. Under system pref, I deselected "Share & Manage for that Mac Pro. On the main system w/ 16-cores, I intentionally selected to just 1 instance.  But whenever I submit the job to Compressor, it would include it in the cluster and I seem not to be able to exclude from rendering.


Is there a way to exclude the Q master controller on the main Mac Pro? This is because I want to be continuing working on FCPX w/ freed up cores while the slave Mac Pros do its background rendering. There are quite a few CPU intensive Magic Bullet Looks 2 plugin, h.264 native files.