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I'm having problems AFP sharing a folder in ML with a sharing only account to a separate device on the network. This worked fine in Lion, but it's not working now for some reason.


Originally, when I try to access the shared folder from the device, the root folders would keep repeating themselves and the path would append the same folder again and again as I'd keep trying (e.g. /Media-Server.local/Videos/Videos/Videos... etc)


I'd like to start over in a sense by deleting the sharing only account permissions from all files, but I'm not sure what the terminal command would look like. Deleting the account does not remove the permissions.


It would be great if I could to do it "Get Info" and "Apply to Enclosed Items", but the permissions of the enclosed items should not necessarily be the same as the permissions of the parent folder.


Any advice is appreciated.

Mac mini, OS X Server, Mid-2010