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Dear Apple users,


I already asked the question in the iMac forum, but a poster there suggested I try to get this answered in the Bootcamp forum (which I didn't know existed)… so here goed


In short:

- I'm very curious on the options of installing Windows 7 on the new iMacs.

- I'm hoping that it's possible to install via a USB stick or HD, which so far I've never been able to succeed at with the previous iMacs (and I've tried that with numerous USB sticks and HD's, some of which do work on MacBooks via USB).


I heard/learned that on the previous iMacs, Apple turned this option off in the EFI, making it nearly impossible to install Windows via USB on these machines. Also, it feels a little silly having to buy the Apple USB Superdrive, which at this moment doesn't even officially support the iMac (for external installs), júst to install Windows ónce.


Here's my original discussion:



Does anyone have some more information on this perhaps? I would love to be able to install it on Bootcamp via a USB stick or HD


With kind regards

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