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I recently did a lot of composing while on holiday using Garage Band on my trusty iPhone.  I now want to transfer the songs via the Cloud to my iMac and eventually into Logic so that I can edit them better.  I know that they're  "in the Cloud" because the management window says so. In iPhoto files automatically transfer and I thought this was going to happen with GB.  Actually it did.  I got a pop up saying that I needed to upgrade my GB program to make it compatible with iOS6.  I duly did that- password and all- and Hey Presto ONE song went across.  It stubbornly refuses to transfer any more and I am at the point of hitting my iMac with an axe.  Help someone.

iMacG5, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    did you follow the procedure described by tt2 in this thread?

    Re: Moving Garage Band files from iPad to iMac via iCloud?

    Did you set your "System Preferences > iCloud" to sync "Documents and Data"? And sign into iCloud with the same account you use on your iPhone?


    If you do not see the GarageBand projects appear in GarageBand in spite of all that, look for them directly in your User Library:


    Then  all your iCloud projects should appear in your user library - in the folder

    ~/Library/Mobile Documents/someCrypticCode~com~apple~mobilegarageband/Documents/



    The User Library is hidden by default in Mountain Lion. You can reveal it from the Finder's "Go" menu:


    Finder > Go,   then hold down the options ⌥ key, until the Library appears in the drop-down menu, select it and open the Library folder.

    Then open the subfolder "Mobile Documents" and look for a folder with "mobilegarageband" in its name. Open the "Documents" folder inside.





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    Now I know I'm thick!! Where is this Go??

    Thanks for your help!!

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    No problem ...


    Click somewhere on your empty Desktop to bring the Finder forward, then you'll see "Go" in the Finder's main menu bar.

    Then hold down the options key ⌥ until "library" appears in the drop down menu. Click Library to open.

    When the Library window appears, select "Mobile Documents" - that is de facto the "Cloud" folder. I found all my iPad music projects in the "xxxmobilegarageband" folder .




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    I should have known that. Tomorrow's task. Many thanks. UK time!!!!

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    You are a complete star.  No wonder you've got so many points.  You deserve a medal. BUT- should not all this have happenned automatically given Apple's wonderful Cloud interface?  This library thing is quite important- n'est-ce-pas?

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    Thanks for the compliment, Christopher.

    Yes, as I understood it, GarageBand should be able to access the projects in the cloud, if you set your iCloud  System Preferences to sync documents and data.


    Let's wait for the next bug-fixes.