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I use iCloud to sync my calendar between my iPhone (6.0) and MacBook Air(OS X 10.8.2).

- My iPhone is syncing perfect with iCloud.

- Looking in every is also good.

- But not everything is downloaded in my calendar (ver 6.0), also changes on my Mac are not uploaded to my iCloud.


Problem analyse:

- There is a error symbol next to the iCloud name on the left side in calendar. It states: "request (CalDAVAccountRefreshQueueableOperation) for 'iCloud' has failed"

- My girlfriend has a different apple id but is experiencing the same problems (different account on same Mac)

- It's only calendar and tasks, contacts and mail are working properly

- When i look in the error log i see the following (error in 21h00 is the actual error, but maybe the previous is telling something)


2012-10-24 20:58:56 +0200 mdworker[3100]: Unable to talk to lsboxd


2012-10-24 20:58:56 +0200 mdworker[3101]: Unable to talk to lsboxd

2012-10-24 20:58:57 +0200 sandboxd[3102]: mdworker(3100) deny mach-lookup

2012-10-24 20:58:57 +0200 sandboxd[3102]: mdworker(3101) deny mach-lookup

2012-10-24 20:58:57 +0200 kernel[0]: Sandbox: sandboxd(3102) deny mach-lookup

2012-10-24 21:00:06 +0200 CalendarAgent[2620]: [] [Account refresh failed with error: Error Domain=CoreDAVErrorDomain Code=3 "De bewerking kan niet worden voltooid. (CoreDAVErrorDomain fout 3.)" UserInfo=0x7ffb9e316d20 {AccountName=iCloud Karel, CalDAVErrFromRefresh=YES}]



First steps:

- Contacted apple support, spoke to 2 people. Last person told me he'll call me back but didn't

- Made a new "test" account on the macbook. Configured in "mail, agenda's and contacts" a iCloud account with my own apple id. Same problems as above



Who has an idea the next things to test? It's driving me crazy

MacBook Air, iOS 6
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