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I cannot afford a static IP, this means time machine is having real problems as is Mail. I can receive but not send e-mails on the mini. It also appears that after successfully burning only two discs the drive is no longer burning at all! Had this computer since 2009 also have a G5 tower that I could not migrate app info from AND my mini is running painfully slow. Yup I'm officially overwhelmed! Help would be greatly appreciated.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    What's your question? 


    Fixing mail?  That needs a static IP and proper DNS on the public address, or the outbound mail will be treated as spam.  It's possible to use a mail relay and there are vendors that offer that service, if you don't have a static IP address.


    Running OS X Server not on a static IP?  That won't work.  Though you can run a static IP on a private network behind NAT and use a dynamic IP on a gateway-firewall widget.  But that means outbound mail gets, well, somewhat messy.  Unless you relay.


    Or wiping and installing OS X client on the box?  Yeah; there are discussions of that, and AFAIK it works.  Whether it's considered supported by Apple, I don't know.


    Or maybe what to use as a NAT gateway?  There are various commercial packages, or you can run open source DD-WRT or OpenWRT or various other packages.


    Or host the mail and related stuff "elsewhere" and get out of the hardware business.  That's likely cheaper than a static IP on a monthly basis, and there are various providers that'll deal with mail and web services and such for you...


    The slot-loader DVD drives can sometimes be flaky, yes.  I know of several slow-loading optical drives that don't work all that well, or at all.  (Well, optical drives start somewhat flaky, even when they're working.  There's a reason Apple is getting rid of them in the newer systems, after all.)  An external USB drive is an option, if you have one of those around.  I'm guessing you're not looking to purchase a new Mac Mini box, nor to have the existing box repaired.


    So which way are you headed, here?

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    Awesome answer, I have read your reply about 5 or 6 times. Think I maybe, have a handle on all that you are telling me. Thanks for your info. appreciate that.