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I use my iPhone and get my work email via active sync.  Backend is exchange 2007.


At work I use outlook 2010 and flag emails that come in to my inbox for follow up and then file them in the correct folder.  I then use the todo list on my tasks tab in outlook to see what I have got to action and when.  This shows all emails I have flagged.


On the iPhone I don't see any of this. However in ios6 flagging an email in my inbox makes this appear in a flagged folder on my iPhone but if I do what I do at work and move this out of my inbox it no longer shows as flagged on my iPhone????


Any ideas how to show flagged emails on my iPhone that are moved out of my inbox.  I don't want to keep them in box as I want to de-clutter...




iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    My workflow is exactly like Mark does it. If I could open 'reminders' and see my flagged messages in folders other than the inbox, that would work too...


    I cannot believe that iOS does not provide a way to view this, I want to see all my flagged messages, no matter where they are...