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I cloned the HD and saved 2 individual Mail folders from the hidden Library for both users. When I replaced the existing Mail folders in the respective Libraries, the separarte mailboxes returned in one but not the other. Idid everything to fix but unable.


I did this in Lion with no problem but the Mail library folder is different in ML. By the way, in the past with Lion, I opened Mail and everything was smooth and transfered. When I opened the ML mail account, one user started setting up as a new mail and the one in which the mailboxes transfered, the only way I was able to to get anything was return to the hidden library Mail, open a file and openan actual email for this to install which seems odd.


Can anyone advise the proper way to make sure everything in our hidden Mail library file transfer, including all of the mailboxes for both users? Both are set up as admins in case that is important.



OS X Mountain Lion, 2TB Western Digital external drive for mymac