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I just upgraded to ML and I'm using Pages with iCloud for the first time for my iMac and iPad.


I get how to save the Pages file to iCloud, or to my desktop ("documents" for example). I see the use for the "revert to" to find every version. But how do I syn the changes with the two files, one on the desktop and one in the cloud?  The iCloud Pages file edited on the iPad goes back to the cloud, and is available on the desktop from within the cloud, but the changes are not in the desktop file?


In the "old" days if I wanted to save edited versions of the file that were stored in two places (say the desktop and the HD for a bad example) I would just hit "save as" and overwrite to one or the other place. Save as is gone, so now what?


So how do I make sure the changes go into both files?



iPad 2, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Actually Save As is alive in ML and Pages. When in Pages, click File then press the Option key and you'll see Save As which replaces Duplicate when the Option key is pressed.

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    keg55, thanks, that does help. But I still have the problem if I use the app and iCloud the way they were obviously intended.


    And I just realized using your "save as" work around that if I just hit "save" I don't know from within the file whether it's being saved to the iCloud or desktop version,