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Why did Apple just suddenly reease an iPad 4 7 months after the 3? I am very mad because I bought one this March and now it is obsolete! Is there any way to switch it or get credit? Will they still at least support it? Please give me a solid reason for why this is so. If it was for their own profit then why did they release the marginally improved iPad 3 in the first place?! Why is Apple just suddenly abandoning it's customers like that? Steve Jobs would not let this happen, he would be very mad! I have just lost a lot of respect for the company, thats for sure!

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    I understand your frustration, so do many other users here at Apple Discussions.

    It's one of the things Steve wouldn't have done. But just like the iPad mini... Times change.


    About your 'new' iPad being obsolete, that's absolutely not the case. It will still be supported for a long time, and it's still a powerfull and capable device. In the top discussions is an ongoing threat about the new iPad, a lot of different views are posted there.


    Don't be mad for improvements, embrace it as we are still moving forward!


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    It's not the improvements people are getting mad about but other aspects.


    Now that the ipad 3 went the way of the Dodo, it might be a small consolation that it's STILL available, at its full original price, at many large apple-authorised retailers (Argos, PCWorld etc.).  Don't hold up your hopes that it will be the Next White Unicorn  (given its sheer number) to put ebay on its knees , but still....... 

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    I absolutely agree with this opening post. What a load of crap. I got a 'new' iPad in April and now this. What's worse, just looking in the apple store app on my iPhone 5 (fail) and the 'new' iPad isn't even available anymore. Adding to this the iPad 2 still is. What the **** is going on with apple? To me it seems like its turned into just another corporate greed machine. Honestly, the way it's going now and the epic failure which is the iPhone 5, Ill live to see apple crumble

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    I agree.