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AVCHD in iMOVIE and FCPx to DVD ( compressor or DVDstudioPro ) to low quality!



1. I record in an AVCHD camera wich records in 720p or 1080i


2. Import to iMovie or FinalCutPro X - full resolution


3. Edit ( Spectacular image )


4. Send to Compressor or DVD or iDVD - (compression in DVD 120minutes)


5. Disaster quality DVD ( SD DVD )



- So my question is, why it is APPLE uses iMovie and no iDVD now? Quality? Problems? It is a Disaster, i have 9 computers iMac´s, macmini, macbook´s ... and thought it was from the OS Lion or the new compressor, but really, the answered is Apple quiting to making SD DVD, am i right?



When i went to apple in 1999 i was a belivier, now i am the POPE! You just want to sell iPads, iPhones, iFucking gadgets and no Professional meanings! That was APPLE was, make PROFESSIONAL and completly diference on pos-production Video or Photo!



In any operation system and in any imovie, and for me iMovie HD was the best of the best apps you already made, but now i am in 1 step to go to PC.

iMovie '11, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Any OS is the same thing!!!!