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AVCHD in iMOVIE and FCPx to DVD ( compressor or DVDstudioPro ) to low quality!



1. I record in an AVCHD camera wich records in 720p or 1080i


2. Import to iMovie or FinalCutPro X - full resolution


3. Edit ( Spectacular image )


4. Send to Compressor or DVD or iDVD - (compression in DVD 120minutes)


5. Disaster quality DVD ( SD DVD )



- So my question is, why it is APPLE uses iMovie and no iDVD now? Quality? Problems? It is a Disaster, i have 9 computers iMac´s, macmini, macbook´s ... and thought it was from the OS Lion or the new compressor, but really, the answered is Apple quiting to making SD DVD, am i right?



When i went to apple in 1999 i was a belivier, now i am the POPE! You just want to sell iPads, iPhones, iFucking gadgets and no Professional meanings! That was APPLE was, make PROFESSIONAL and completly diference on pos-production Video or Photo!



In any operation system and in any imovie, and for me iMovie HD was the best of the best apps you already made, but now i am in 1 step to go to PC.

iMovie '11, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Any OS is the same thing!!!!
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    Hi. And please chill.


    There is no one…I repeat, no one from Apple on these discussion boards. And they will not notice your complaints if you post them here.


    There are Apple feedback links if you need to communicate with them. Here is one of those links.


    Good luck.



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    Thanks Russ!


    But i need help on making SD DVD from iMovie or FCPX AVCHD project!!


    Can you help me?

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    Share>Create DVD  produces disks that most people are happy with aside from the sparton menus.


    The Compressor to DVD Studio Pro workflow provides greater control over both menus, content and the quality of the DVD. One of the benefits of using DVD STudio Pro is that it allows you to test short sections of your movie, make adjustments in the Encoder settings and Frame Controls and evaluate the effects on image quality.


    What kind of video are you having poor results with…progressive or interlaced? Or both?



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    Hello Russ. Thanks for the help.


    I already tested with both. And still have bad quality.


    Can you give me step by step!?



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    Are you working with optimized media? If not, try the Share>DVD option and see whether that makes a difference.


    I do my editing in an editing codec – typically Pro Res 422. And that's what I export if I'm bringing it into Compressor to encode for DVD Studio Pro.


    If you're using iDVD, use the exported Pro Res movie. No need to go through Compressor.



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    I've had a load of quality problems converting from HD to DVD but I have found the best solution is to create a blank SD project in FCPX then go back to the original HD project, Select All from the Edit menu and Copy. Go back to the new blank SD project then Paste. The new movie renders out to DVD much better and with less fuzzyness and blur than any other method I've tried.


    Sometime the aspect ratio is slightly out and I have to tweak the clips to avoid black bars near the edge. But this has been the best solution so far.