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My old Iphone 3g (that does not have service anymore) says "Iphone disabled, connect to itunes, waiting for activation, this may take some time"

and it does not allow me to type in a password, when I slide it just allows emergency call. When connected to itunes I tunes says "Itunes could not connect to Iphone because it is locked with a passcode, you must enter you passcode from your phone before it can be used on itunes" but of course the phone doesnt allow me. I am trying to get all my photos and data out of it so I CANNOT AND WILL NOT DO RESTORATION. I do not have any of the phone's data on my itunes, It only has my new iphone 4 data in it. I need help, there must be a way, I ******* payed for this, apple should know how valuable data is. I heard of there is free programs to help extract data, I guess that would be a choice if anyone knows of a good program, thanks.

iPhone 3G
Reply by gdgmacguy on Oct 24, 2012 6:31 PM Helpful

If you don't know the passcode and can't get into the phone, then you have no option but to force the phone into recovery mode and restore.  You WILL lose all data.  No way around this.


Photos should have been imported as soon as possible after they were taken into your computer for safekeeping.  Data should have been backed up frequently to prevent data loss in situations exactly like this.


If you have not been using your phone as recommended, then data loss is inevitable, as you're finding out now.

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