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On the iPad iCal, the day starts at 12am, and there's a scrollbar for scrolling through the 24 hours of the day. I pretty much won't have any events before 8am, so I want to customize my calendar so that the day starts at 8, and I can see a lot more of the day instead of having to scroll alllll the way down to 8am. The way it is right now, if I go into week or day view, it'll start up at 12am and I'll have to scroll down to view most of my events.


Thanks in advance for any answers - apologies by the way if this has been asked and answered before, I'm not quite sure how to search for discussion topics inside a community.

iPad 2, iOS 6
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    I have been searching as I have the same question - When my ICal comes up each morning on my, I would like the screen view to begin at 8 am.  I am thinking that it is not possible to do this from what I have been able to find but just wanted to check it out to be sure I cannot do this!  Thanks for any assistance someone can give me!


    Although I see the question by Sixthrain and clicked on the Latest Reply, nothing came up.


    PS  I have a laptop, not an IPad.


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