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Just curious as to why the new iPad Mini doesn't have the same built-in Apps as the iPhone or iPod Touch does.


iPad Mini built-in Apps



iPod Touch built-in Apps


(Note: for some reason they don't show the Calculator but it is included on the iPhone/iPod Touch)


Many people will be carrying the new iPad Mini around like others carry the iPhone or iPod Touch, especially women with purses large enough to accomodate the iPad Mini.


I personally have missed the Calculator on the regular iPad.

I know you can download 3rd party calculators but I really would like to see the built-in calculator that I even have on all of my Macs.


Seems strange that those 3 Apps are missing from the new iPad Mini though.

I guess the only thing we can do is submit a request to Apple to add those Apps to the iPad Mini and even the regular iPad for that matter.


Anyone else have other opinons?

Maybe you have no need for a calculator as you might be a math wizard and genius?

Or, you have excellent memory recall and have no use for any Voice Memos?

Passbook could be a push as it still is in its infancy but why not include it in a mobile device like the iPad Mini?


I already own an iPod Touch 4th gen and one iPad 2nd generation.

I plan on ordering a new iPod Mini with Cellular as neither of my devices above have that feature and is nice to have when traveling the roads.


I guess if enough people submit a request to have those Apps built-in, they may add them to the iPad

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