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Does anybody else have problems with adding photos to a Web Gallery from a Smart Album with "Ignore stack groupings" enabled? Besides the annoyance of creating new versions... mine simply aren't being added.

I have a smart album with 30 or so photos and "Ignore stack groupings" checked. I then select any number of them and create a new web gallery. New versions will be created for all of the selected photos, but only one or two will be added to the gallery. Same thing when I drag-n-drop one-by-one from the smart album... yet another version of the photo is created but nothing gets added to the web gallery.

When I hover my mouse over the web gallery, it says "39 Versions" next to the name... yet only two show up.

When I do all this without that option checked, it works fine.

Powerbook G4 1.5   Mac OS X (10.4.6)   Aperture 1.1