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I purchased my Macbook Pro in January of this year. I study abroad and now all of the sudden my charger wont charge. It blinks green when the computer is in use and when I shut down the computer it blinks between green and orange.


As I will not be back to the states until December is there anything I can do??




MacBook Pro, iOS 3.0.1
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    It's hard to tell, given the information so far, what the problem is - if indeed there is a problem. Let me describe what happens with my MBP:


    When I'm fully charged up, my charger reads "green." When I'm not fully charged up, or under 94%, my charger reads "orange." After the battery is charged, it reads "green" again.


    I'm not sure what you mean when you say "it blinks from green and orange," so please detail what's happening with your charger.

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    This question is kind of time sensitive. Is the problem fixed yet?